Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

From Henri Le Chat Noir...

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President Obama Loves "Parks and Rec"!

I think we already knew that, but it's still newsworthy!

Do you think he cried when Ben proposed? What about Michelle?

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Disney Buys LucasFilm!

Yesterday brought the announcement that Disney bought LucasFilm for $4.05 billion. Disney seems to be moving from a company that mainly makes movies (and sells tons and tons of merch from them) to one that buys companies that make movies (and sells tons and tons of merch from them). Big Screen Animation pointed out that Disney bought Pixar in 2006, Marvel in 2009, and LucasFilm in 2012 - Who do you think they'll buy in 2015? (They also bought the Muppets back in 2004, but that didn't fit the neat and orderly every-three-years structure)

/Film (and every other film/pop blog!) speculates about what direction Disney will take LucasFilm and what that means for Star Wars and other LucasFilm properties.

What do you think about the acquisition? Pixar and Marvel have both made some fun (and super successful) movies since their merger into the Disney-verse. But, also, Pixar has been focusing a lot on sequels (or prequels) was a thing (though after Monsters Inc 2 it seems like they'll be back on originals for a while, thank goodness!). And no one's calling Thor some sort of instant classic, but it was fun and not terrible, and that is more than you can say for the Star Wars prequels.

I'm certainly interested to see what will happen!

Have a Hobbit Flight!

What I like about this flying safety video: it's funny and LOTR-y!

What I don't like: it's four minutes long! Does it really need to be that long? I think not.

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Vote Early. Vote Hammy.

Jon Hamm, that is! Here he is telling you (in a particularly gruff voice, might I add) how to vote early in the election. You can do it!! (I already did, woo hoo!)

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Colin Healy's Awesome New Song!!!!!

Something Different - Colin Healy

Buy it! Enjoy it! It's stellar. Also he's my friend's brother, which only makes him more awesome.

Axe Cop Hits Primetime! Sort Of!

Axe Cop, that comic that was written by a five year old and illustrated by his 30-year-old brother, is now an animated series on Adult Swim:

Pretty weird/cool, right? Good for them!

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Shel Silverstein Quiz!

Mental Floss' lunchtime quiz today is all about Shel Silverstein! So if you're cooped up at home and need something to do, this will occupy you for a whole five minutes!

Unfortunately, it's not a quiz based on his poetry (which I would be amazing at), but based on his real life, so it's actually really hard. Good luck!

Zombie Pumpkin Attack!

The fiance and I went up to the Bronx Botanical Gardens on Saturday (pre-hurricane) and saw this AWESOME/TERRIFYING zombie pumpkin display!

I think it's carved out of the largest pumpkin of the season (approx 1800 lbs!) and it's super awesome. I hope it didn't get blown away in the storm!

The other cool news about it is that once it starts to go bad (and believe you me, it was already getting a little moldy on the inside of the giant pumpkin), they'll use the remains as compost! Hooray!

Most Fun Jack-o-Lantern Ever!

I say this literally, because while there may be cooler looking or scarier Jack-O-Lanterns, there sure aren't any that you can physically play!

How neat is that!?

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This Is Personal

Awesome, funny video about how super not funny the GOP's war on women has been:

[via ThinkProgress]

Wonder if Anyone Will Mention Climate Change?

Hurricane Sandy broke a lot of records this year. Also, this is the second year in a row a hurricane has hit NYC. This is not some freak accident or fluke - this is clearly the effect of global warming (more extreme weather events, more destruction, enormous costs, more lives lost...), but I have a sneaking suspicion neither of our presidential candidates will mention it, and that the media will largely ignore it (except for ThinkProgress, of course!).

Eerily Dark Downtown

Check out how spooky and dark downtown looked last night over at TPM. It's really weird seeing the city in total darkness. The sound of the wind through the World Trade Center's new tower was especially creepy.

Jimmy Fallon Also Taped Last Night!

Good for him! It's really funny watching these guys perform with no audience. He's doing a great job!

(Or too bad for him/his staff that his network forced him to tape in a hurricane!)

[via The Comic's Comic]

"Up All Night" Switching to Multicam Format

First they cancel the work aspect of the show, and now they're switching "Up All Night" to multicam. Do you think it's because with the cancellation of "Guys with Kids" NBC doesn't have any multicam sitcoms? Or is it because switching to multicam is a cheaper than canceling the show and airing a new show and/or keeping the show on as it is?

I'll be interested to see the results!

Donut Shot Glasses

Now if only I had a couple of these this morning, I'd have been set. (Though of course I'd fill them with chocolate milk instead of Kahlua).

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Letterman - Still Kickin' It!

Even during hurricane Sandy, Letterman taped!

Thankfully, I got to spend yesterday snuggled up in blankets with candles, and the fiance had plenty of "Modern Family" and "California's Gold" on his iPad to keep up occupied.

Baby Red Panda Chases Butterfly!

Sorry I was offline yesterday - I was LITERALLY off line! Hahaha - Yeah, we lost power in Hurricane Sandy. It was a little nuts (and a lot dark), but we're happy and safe now. Phew!

So back to our exciting coverage of all things adorable...

Too cute, right? Too cute.

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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Was 'Parks and Rec' the Best Part of Your Week, Too?

If not, then you probably missed (spoiler, duh) THE BEST TV PROPOSAL EVER!!!!!!!!!! It made me so happy. I love Leslie & Ben!!!! Go Benslie!! Do you think he'll take her last name?


Are You Ready for the Zomney Apocaplypse?

Joss Whedon is, and he's excited about it!

Zomnies for brains!

[via TPM]

Science is So Cool (Ice Cold!)

Here is how a drop of water freezes, up close and personal:

How awesome is that? Not awesome enough for you? Check this out:

It grows tiny ice trees!!! It's like a whole other world.

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This is Why I'm SO Productive

Yes, staring at adorable puppies HELPS me work! That's why I'm such an awesome worker who's always working hard and getting work done and... other work-related things...

But seriously... Puppies!

[Puppy via The Daily Puppy, Article via Neatorama]

Go, Pup Racer, Go!

Is it weird that my favorite part of this video is that someone owns four dogs (and has time to train at least two of them)?

Who has four dogs? I'm so jealous. Also, the racing part is pretty funny/neat, too.

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Escape Fire: Healthcare Reform Goes WAY Past the ACA

Alyssa Rosenberg over at ThinkProgress has an interesting interview with the director of the new film Escape Fire, which sounds like a fascinating look into the world of healthcare post-Obamacare and what battles are still left to fight (many that we haven't even thought about yet). Not sure when it premieres in wide-release (or even indie release), but here's hoping it gets distribution!

Artificial Kidney Program as UCSF Receives $3 Million in New Funding

Yay! Soon we'll all be robots, for once that will be a good thing.

(But seriously, they'll still need more funding to start clinical trials, but this is a solid start. Hooray!)

Mouse and Bear Are Friends

Ok, back to happy animals.

This seems like such lovely animated film, doesn't it? I can't wait until it opens here the US!

[via /Film]

It's That Time of Year: Dogs in Costumes!!

Southern Living has 95 pets in costume.


(Also, Happy Almost-Halloween!)

Dog and Fish are NOT Friends

You've been warned...

It's so funny how it swims right by and you think he's not going to catch it, but then he does! They better have eaten that fish - it was hard won.

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Corgi Pup "Springs" to Life!

Get it? Because when the doorframe springs, he goes crazy!

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Sunday, October 14, 2012

A Kitten's 'Jarring' Experience

Get it!? Because he's getting stuck and unstuck from a jar. The party really gets started about halfway through the video.

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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Ladybug Day!

No, today is not the day to celebrate ladybugs (that's everyday!)... Do you remember the old Sesame Street song about the ladybug picnic? No, then I conveniently have it here for you:

See how they sing "10, 11, 12"? Well that's today's date! October (10) 11th, '12! Isn't that funny? I don't know why someone decided to associate it with the old Sesame Street song, but it is a pretty fun day if you're into numbers in numerical order!

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