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Let's have a fantastic, fun, awesome, happy, love-y dove-y, wonderful, blissful, super duper amazing and stellar 2013! We deserve it!

Happy Last Moments of 2012!!!!!!!

You did it!!!!!!!!!

Incredible HP7 Poster

Really wraps up the whole thing... and for only $20!

[via /Film]

Oh, AND Moonrise Kingdom!

Finally saw that over my break and it's very sweet and sad, like pretty much all Wes Anderson movies (which my fiance can't stand because of how artsy and meticulous they are, but that's the reason why I love them!)

Oh! And Go See Zero Dark Thirty and Promised Land!

They're also really good and thought-provoking!

Anyone Know Why Owls Were So In This Year?

Seriously, they're all over the place! Right now I'm watching Madonna wearing an owl crown at the Super Bowl, and I had thought that the owl craze hadn't started until winter... Maybe a delayed reaction to the end of Harry Potter?

Any idea what the animal trend of 2013 will be? I hope it's poodles!!!!

PS. Go See The Hobbit!

It's great! That is all.

(don't judge, I'm writing 25 of these today and it's almost midnight and I have a terrible cold!)

Aww, Bearve

Very sweet watercolor by Julian Birchman of Pixar's Brave

[via /Film]

Go, DreamWorks!

Keep it going, DreamWorks, hiring and promoting excellent women to chief roles! Lead the pack (and keep making great movies like How to Train Your Dragon and everyone will want to copy your success)!

PS. (That's a hint, Pixar!)

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Mr. Burns Explains the Fiscal Cliff

... which it seems we're getting closer and closer to going over tonight:

[via /Film]

Geena Davis Institute Gets Major Money!

Google Grants awarded the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media $1.2 million to study the roles of women in film and television with the aim to improve them, specifically:

for the development of technology to help analyze female portrayals in children’s media, an area where an earlier report by the Institute had indicated significant gender inequality [.pdf].
Best of luck, Geena and pals! I hope your work makes a real impact for the better on women in TV and film!

[via ThinkProgress]

Game of Moans (not porn parody)

CW parody, courtesy of EW:


[via Videogum]

Corgi Broom!

I love when he looks up at the camera as if to say, "Hey, I can do this all day!" I bet you can, little buddy! Frankly, if I was a fluffball like that, I'd love being dragged along a smooth hardwood floor, too.

[via Neatorama]

Bathtime Benny!

Sunny loves baths, but Benny the Pomeranian goes crazy for them! I love his crazy-happy eyes and curly tongue!

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Extraneous Lyrics: 2012

If only all pop songs used these kinds of words, we'd all be a lot smarter (more intelligent, apt, astute!):

Or at least it's really funny!

[via Gawker]

Twas the Night Before Tracy!

Jimmy Fallon tries to tell the story of Twas the Night Before Christmas, but Tracy Morgan keeps interrupting to make it better!

Simon's Cat: Icecapade

At least Simon's Cat wasn't burned quite as bad at this guy...

Poor fish! He thought he was safe!!!!

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If your New Year's Resolution involves checking out a few more holiday-related cute animal photos than the bunch of puppy videos I've posted here, then take a look here. Too cute!

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Migaloo, Archaeology Dog Extraordinaire!

My friend does a lot of archaeology work, so I'm sure she'd love to have a fossil-hunting pooch do the work for her! Migaloo, a rescue dog being trained to find ancient human bones, hopes to accomplish just that. If she's successful in her training, maybe other dogs can be trained to focus on different animal's ancient bones. After all, dogs love digging (although it might be a little mean that she doesn't get to chew up the bones she finds!)

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Where Does Your Food Come From?

This New York World produce map is so cool! Type in any fruit or veg to see where your food comes from depending on the season. It can show you just how local or far-flung your produce is, and how that changes radically depending on the time of year. Neat!

[via Serious Eats]

Movie Lady Pilots Making It On Their Own!

So apparently there has been more than just one aviatrix in cinema history, they were just cut or dubbed incorrectly... In Return of the Jedi there were four female pilots total. Three were cut from the final film, and one was dubbed with a man's voice for some reason. In the new Blu-ray, another pilot's moment of glory is restored and the man-lady's voice is undubbed. Maybe not a reason to get yet another version of Star Wars, but at least an interesting fact!

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Golden Retriever Puppies in the Snow!!!


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Christmas Trees by the Ages

Totally accurate, though I always try to make our tree look like "Kid" as often as possible:

GITS More Movies Like This, Please

Another great post over at GITS for the end of the year, this time on the movies he thought were extra special this year, ones that he wants to see "more like this" - some I agree with, some I don't, but I definitely agree with his list of the types of movies he wants to see more of (for more of this list, hit the link):
* More movies that take risks.

* More movies that approach narrative in different ways.

* More cinematic movies.

* More quirky, whimsical, oddball movies reflecting a distinctive take on the world.

* More movies where the focus is on characters, not special effects.

* More movies that have no reason to exist other than the fact they have a great story to tell.
I hope I can write a few that live up to those expectations next year - or at least one!

TCM Remembers: 2012

Really moving tribute from TCM on many of the people who worked in film and passed away this year. Don't miss Andrew Sarris and Nora Ephron, two of my favorites:

[via GITS]

GITS Wishes for 2013

Great post from Scott over at Go Into the Story on his wishes for all our writing next year. Big fan of this section:

"May you claim your right to be a writer.
May you find the persistence to exercise that right every day.
May your daily diligence translate into plenty of FADE OUTs."

I hope they all come true - I sure need the help!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

First Concept Art for "Frozen"!

Looking pretty Scandinavian up in this house, but I'll take it! Love how the snow looks (though the snowflake signature is a little corny, but maybe it'll be subtler in the film) and the grumpy sidekick - Really looking forward to this movie (and Kristen Bell in it)!

[via Big Screen Animation]

Corgi Go Down the Stairs!

Too cute.

[via A Place to Love Dogs]

HapEnds' Woplayplay!

Frankly, I don't understand what the big deal is... Don't all of your convos sound like this supercut of Happy Ending's lingo?

Game of Four More Minutes!!

Game of Thrones' Season 3 episodes will be four minutes longer - leaving plenty of time to kill off at least one more major character per ep. I'll take it!

Amazon Producing Six Pilots

This is pretty weird, but the comedy loglines look alright and they all seem to have solid bonafides (Reno 911, Daily Show, The Onion etc).

Double Eps of Happy Endings: A January Miracle!

Everyone knows that January is the worst month because it's cold and there are no more holidays to excuse your (my) terrible, terrible dessert addiction, but now there's finally a reason to like it - Happy Endings will be airing on Tuesday AND Sunday for three weeks in January! Totes ahmahz.

HIMYM Likely to Return for 9th... wait for it... Season

I disapprove. At least, unless they introduce us to the mother at the end of Season 8 and then we get to watch her and Ted's relationship evolve over the course of the 9th Season...

HuffPo TV's Funniest Late Night Moments 2012

HuffPo TV listed their favorite late night show moments of 2012, and lots of them are very funny!

My favorite is #27 right around the 6th minute...


Rent-A-Swag is on Pinterest! Love the classy Mens' Wearhouse style logo, really goes well with the sparkly jacket.

And of course Tom would think this is an appropriate model pose...

When does Parks and Rec come back from hiatus again? Why isn't the answer "right this minnie"?

[via HuffPo TV]

Sex And The Shitty Segues

Much as I love SATC (and I do), there must have been some sort of contest in the writer's room to see who could come up with the absolute worst segue.

My friend Alex says it's "Back the the Hotel Vasectomy, I spoke with the man sitting next to me" for the absurd attempt at rhyming and, of course, the use of vasectomy, but I suggest it's "While downtown, a dearly departed spirit, suddenly reappeared" for it's sheer WTF factor and also the fact that "dearly departed" is not generally used with "spirit" and if she suddenly "reappeared," why not just say disappeared, or if she's some sort of shaman or seer or something, go with that instead of calling her a spirit? Come on!

[via HuffPo TV]

New OUAT Next Week!

Here's a preview for the rest of the season, starting up again next Sunday:

I agree with Grumpy on this one - forget breaking the part of the curse that keeps them in Storybrooke and exploring boring old our time, go back to the Enchanted Forest! The Fairybacks are always more interesting than the main story, so maybe if the main story goes back there, their storyline will be interesting (ala the giant episode, that was pretty cool, right?).

[via HuffPo TV]

As Goes 30 Rock, So Goes Somewhere Else, Probably

As 30 Rock ends wraps up its final season, Alex Baldwin posted a montage of his favorite scenes from the show's history:

Classic Jack Donaghy.

[via HuffPo TV]

HuffPo's Best Memes of 2012

Some are funny, some are annoying, and best of all, some I missed entirely. Thank you, internets!

Who's on First, Dammit!

Still works!

[via Videogum]

Ghostbusters Trivia!

Did you know that Bill Murray improvised most of his lines from Ghostbusters, like "I feel so funky" after getting slimed? I didn't - until I read /Film's article about all the things they learned from Jason Reitman's recent staged reading of Ghostbusters.

Ugh, those staged readings are the only reason to move to LA, besides the whole "it isn't horribly cold half the year" thing, of course.

HuffPo TV's Best Kisses of 2012

Another end-of-year supercut, courtesy of HuffPo TV and filled with smooches!

What a treat!

Downton Gingey

Fresh Air has a great video of a gingerbread Downton Abbey being built! It's so beautiful!

[via Videogum]

Amy Poehler, How You Be So Smart?

This is a great Ask Amy on jealousy.

Amy, I'm so jealous of how wonderful you are at giving advice on jealousy! But now that I've admitted it, I'm also proud of you for having such a great perspective. Aha, I'm cured! You've done it again!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Lincoln Blogs

I loved Lincoln and it seems this New Yorker writer did, as well.

My favorite parts were Lincoln's anecdotes - what were yours?

[via Videogum]

NDT: Buffest Astrophysicist Ever?

My theory, based on this photographic evidence, is 97% affirmative that Neil deGrasse Tyson is science's greatest badass:

[via Videogum]

Videogum's Best Viral Videos of 2012

This reminds me both why I love and hate the internet...

Pixar in Space!

To infinity... and costumes!

Someone over at NASA clearly just watched the Toy Story series...

[via VideoGum]

A National Film Registry of Their Own

A League of Their Own is one of twenty-five films to make it into the National Film Registry this year. Hockaday would be proud!

[via VideoGum]

Dammit, Patrice!

Oh, Robin. Screaming is her way of displaying affection... deep, deep underneath a shell of rage.

Patrice: one of the few bright spots in the latest HIMYM seasons - if only she could have been around since the beginning (though, they'd have to sprinkle the screaming out more sporadically or it would drive people insane)!

[via VideoGum]

Scrubs Lives On...

... In the love that J.D. and Turk (Ok, Zach Braff and Donald Faison) still have for each other, enough to post a duet of "Somewhere Out There" from An American Tail.


[via Pajiba]

Um, Dream Dessert Table?

If only I could have a dessert table this epic at my wedding...

Photo: Marcus Nilsson

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds' wedding is the star of this month's Martha Stewart Weddings, and it's no surprise - look at that dessert table!! They even had fancy s'mores bars like at Park Avenue Autumn! Come on!

No worries, though... Our dessert table may not be as elegant, but it will be just as epic, that's for sure!

[via VideoGum]

Home Alone: A Perfect Christmas Movie?

College Humor would agree to disagree on that point, in this super funny and GIF-filled article, "10 Parts in Home Alone that Still Bother Me."

Also, of course the most perfect Christmas movie is Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer followed closely by The Small One (embedded below because I can't imagine many of you have seen this one, but you should!).

[via VideoGum]

Baked in a Buttery Crispy Flake!

Eating at the same diner every day for fifty-seven years yields two things: 1) The chance to be in a commercial for said diner 2) The viral video of a lifetime...

I love that the wife mouths the words as the husband speaks... also, of course, her takes. There is no doubt in my mind that this couple has been together for fifty-seven years, and I hope for fifty-seven more!

[via VideoGum]

Another Holiday Dog Video: Jingle Barks!

There may be more of these to come... I've just returned from vacation and the first section of my Google Reader is "Animals" and I have over a hundred to go through. Don't worry, I'll only post the best!

While I'm not endorsing Pedigree, I do endorse adorable dogs in cute videos. A bold move, I know, but I'm willing to put my foot down on it!

[via A Place to Love Dogs]

Happy Holidays!

I hope everyone's holiday season has been restful, playful, and magical! I know mine's been, and I'm so lucky to have such wonderful friends and family who made it so!

This is the class presentation from a dog school for the holidays - those pooches sure must have studied hard to create such a wonderful Christmas tableau!

[via A Place to Love Dogs]

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