Thursday, December 31, 2009

Funny Shout Out!

Watch this hilarious sketch by Landline TV starring my sketch teacher, Michael Delaney. He's so funny. He did this voice (at the time not attributed to Joe Lieberman) in our class once. I'm very happy it ended up in a sketch for all the world to laugh at. Enjoy!

Happy New Year, Everyone! Have a safe and healthy one!

PS. Over 10 posts in one day? And they aren't totally lame? Heck yeah! I win at life.

OMG Christmas Cuteness

No, I did not watch the Oprah at the White House Christmas Special, but I did catch a glimpse of Bo on a clip they showed on the Daily Show and had to investigate. Here he is looking so cute! And Michelle Obama talks to Bo just like my mom talks to Sunny! Unfortunately, their player's embed code is being weird, so just click on the snowy picture below to watch and enjoy!

PS. Don't you love how adamant Michelle is that Bo "does not need a friend"? Hilarious.

Jeff Corwin: Actually an Important Person? Who Knew?

I never used to take Jeff Corwin seriously as a naturalist or anything else (he's so goofy and awkward!), but anyone who can take his daughter saying (straight up) "Daddy, you failed" and do something about it has got to be heard. Especially when he's tackling a problem like extinction.

When his new documentary about extinction, 100 Heartbeats, airs, I'm definitely DVR'ing it, and maybe, just maybe, reading the accompanying book.

Nature's Getting Raunchy

The Sex Wars of Ducks

Apparently, people don't just get Nature's "premium" content for the articles.

Surprise! Sometimes Facebook Doesn't Suck

A lot of people have been dissing Facebook lately for their lackluster privacy policies and proliferation of undesirable pictures of ourselves when we got a little too tipsy at the holiday party.

But a few good things have come of the website (besides stalking your high school friend that's working for NASA so you can pretend you're that cool, too). In this case, a pretty amazing 20something guy donates his kidney to his friend's dad. Get ready to get your "awww" on when you read this little bit of heartwarming holiday cheer.

Scientific American is Trying to Ruin My Relationship

Scientific American is trying to bribe me into buying their magazine by promising me that they can Help (Me) Fall and Stay in Love and make sure I'm one of the Happy Couples who know all the Secrets to a Long Marriage.

First, they give me these headlines - promises, indeed! Then, they let me read a preview that assures me that, yes, they do have the answers but stops before they tell me any of them.

And then? Do I get to read it? NO! They want me to buy the magazine first. Absurd!

The bastards. What are my boyfriend and I supposed to do now? Figure it out for ourselves!? We're not that smart! And we don't have enough money to buy your fancy scientific magazine!

So why do half of all marriages end in divorce? Because Scientific American is a magazine filled with greedy, greedy love secret hoarders.


Thanks for /Film for showcasing this great UP remix by Pogo. Just watch and enjoy (and then go see UP again!)

Health Care Reform: Explained

Thanks to the Wonk Room for this easy to understand chart explaining Health Care Reform at its most basic. Also, love that not-so-subtle Red VS Blue colors...

New Year's Party Tricks!

If I was going to a party tonight (which would mean I would have friends), I would totally do some of these tricks. I especially like the pouring CO2 on candles thing - gas is real! Even if you can't see it! Pretty neat stuff. Enjoy!

Otter Chaos

Otters. The most adorable reason for flight delays EVER.

Oregon, It's Oreg-ON!

While I'm happy that we're building the biggest wind farm ever, one that will power 10% of California (and California is very large), I can't believe Oregon's the state that's doing it!

Come on, Texas, we're the largest wind producers in the world and we're letting Oregon - the state of mountaineering hippies - beat us!? Nuh uh, no way.

Texas, get on this and beat the crap out of that pansy Oregon, or you'll lose all of your badass credibility.

Fortunately, though, we all know that Texans are too stubborn to lose in business, so their battle to beat out Oregon will result in an even bigger wind farm, which will lead Oregon to build an even bigger wind farm, and thus the Renewable Energy Race will inevitably power all of America!

And that's how we'll do it - not because we care about the environment, but because Texans care about saving face.

See What I'm Talking About?

Sunny = Cute Explosion!

I Want One!

I just got back from Dallas and had to say goodbye to my puppy, Sunny (pictures to come later), but thankfully I stumbled upon Emma, the Goldendoodle Daily Puppy from a few days ago. In a very rare case indeed, every single picture is super star adorable.

Now if only I could steal her and bring her back to Dallas to play with Sunny, we'd have the cutest play date ever!

Break's Over, Baby

I've been on a personal hiatus the past two weeks, but I'm back, readers, because it's the end of 2009 and I'll be darned if I don't have 31 posts for December.

So get ready for a flood of posts in your Google Reader, because Artful Stew is Back in Action and ready to catch up.

Happy New Year's Eve, everyone!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, everyone! I've been on a little wintry break back home in Big D, but I'll catch up in a few days, no worries.

Have a great day, Readers!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Happy News for the Holidays

Nice Begets Nicer

See? There are still nice people in the world. Thanks to Liz and Neatorama for pointing this out!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

What the What!? Kidneys be Krazy

So, of course, now the kidney community is fighting over how to pay for extending Medicare coverage from 36 months to forever for kidney transplant patients. Just a reminder, as stated in the NY Times article, our drugs without coverage run from $1000 - $3000 a month and many people lose their transplants when faced with covering those costs by themselves.

The basic gist is that dialysis supporters believe the provisions in the bill undercut the provisions that protect and cover dialysis patients. Of course, the flip side is that transplant patients right now don't have nearly the coverage or support that dialysis patients get. Also, many detractors are people who are funded by dialysis corporations and lobbies, and, of course, they would not want to make their machines or centers any cheaper or more efficient, so naturally they would detract from anything that asks them to change their ways (possibly one of many reasons why the safer, more effective at-home dialysis is so sparsely given as treatment right now).

What do I think? I think that while the payment method may not be as beneficial as the alternate proposed method (extending the wait time for kidney patients to enroll in Medicare who also have private insurance), it is much better than the amendment not getting into the bill at all. The fact of the matter is, is that this amendment will save money (upwards of $100 million dollars over the next decade) and, more importantly, save lives. There's absolutely no reason not to pass it.

Meanwhile, let's all keep in mind that people who get cancer, heart disease, and other potentially deadly illness don't get Medicare coverage whatsoever, so we, as transplant recipients, should feel lucky that we get what we do. More importantly, we should recognize that all of these disease sufferers should get the same beneficial treatment that we do, which is exactly what Congress had planned when they (Republicans and Democrats) passed the bill for our coverage back in the 70s. Just something to think about.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Brothers in Kidneys

Grizz, from 30 Rock, is in trouble. He needs a transplant just like I did! However, his condition is due to hypertension and now he needs to lose 75 lbs to qualify to even be on the transplant wait list - ugh! Fortunately, Dot Com has vowed to lose one pound for every 10 that Grizz loses - what a good friend.

I think it's really amazing that he has the strength to go to dialysis three times a week and still act on the show every week. I hope he loses those 75 lbs soon and gets the transplant he needs.

Team Grizz!

... Do you guys think "Kidney Now" was in reference to this situation? Or just a coincidence?

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Working on my Night Cream

Alright, here we go, world, what about -

Professional puppy photographer by day... and professional ice cream maker by night? How's that sound?

MILKMADE: NYC's NEW Sustainable Ice Cream Makers, Hand-delivering to Your Door from SkeeterNYC on Vimeo.

Time Travelin' Stew: 1st Stop - Ancient Greece

Combine this with this and ancient Greece is starting to look even more batsh*t crazy than I thought it was (and I read A LOT of batsh*t crazy Greek works in college).

Sorry, Disney, but I think Hercules had a lot more to do than "go the distance" unless that distance was to kill a Kracken and then kinkily do it with a part-boy-ox-lady-cloud. I'm just sayin'...

Friday, December 11, 2009

Hei! So(weird accent over the o)ber!

This has got to be one of the weirdest pop culture remakes ever to come out of Estonia, right behind their reimagining of "WALL-E" in post-dinosaur apocalypse Indonesia.

Thanks to The Daily What for the tip.

Things I Like About Dallas: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

1) Peggy Sue BBQ/Dickey's BBQ: These are two classic Dallas BBQ places. Peggy Sue is right next to JD's Chippery, and Dickey's is a popular franchise, so there are a ton of locations. They're both low-down, classless places, which of course makes them totally delicious and awesome.

2) Bubba's: Down the street from Peggy Sue, BEST FRIED CHICKEN EVER. No ifs, ands, or buts. Simply the best, and it's super cheap. Plus, you can get a ton of delicious sides: the rolls, mashed potatoes, and green beans are legendary (I don't eat the green beans because I don't like green beans, but I hear good things).

3) Jack's Burger House: Next door to Bubba's, best burger/fries/shake combo this side of $3. Something special in the spices makes these burgers the best. Of course, I'm not a HUGE fan of wacky spices, so I actually prefer a different place, but the shakes are so thick you have to eat them with a spoon and the fries are crispy and perfect. So if you're tight on the dough, this is the place to go. However...

4) Who's Who Burgers: In the Highland Park Village, Who's Who has the best quality/tasting burgers. They're bigger than Jack's, but the buck is big. Generally you're running $8-10 a burger - eep! - but totally worth it if you want something extra tasty, and the meat is Kobe beef, so it's the best and the cows are treated well. Also the veggie burger and turkey burger are both great! I've had many a turkey burger in this great city of ours, and I simply cannot find a t-burger better than theirs.

5) Mi Cocina: Just down the block from Who's Who, it is the absolute best Tex-Mex you're ever going to eat, so enjoy it! (Enough said)

6) The Highland Park Pharmacy (again): Seriously, get the grilled cheese (and I hear the pimento cheese is solid, too).

7) Original House of Pancakes: great breakfast place that closes at 2:30 in the afternoon. There are not a lot of diners or places that specialize in a breakfast-all-day menu (besides IHOP or Denny's, which don't count because they're terrible and big chains) in Dallas, so this place really stands out as a winner - solid waffles and pancakes, even better egg dishes.

Things I Like About Dallas: Dessert

I've been going home a lot recently, Thanksgiving, a funeral, and the upcoming Christmas spectacular that begins next Saturday - get ready, family! Despite all my treks to the southland, though, I haven't said much about it and its many wonders. Here is a brief list (minus all of my friends and family that I get to visit, of course!).

First Up: Dessert!

1) Mustang Donuts: so named for being right next to SMU (Southern Methodist University) whose mascot is the Mustang, and for selling donuts. About a two-three min drive from my house, this spot sells the absolute tastiest donuts that I've ever eaten anywhere. New York has nothing on these fried little bites of heaven. My favorite? The Mustang White Cream - a donut filled with Mustang's own white icing - not pudding - icing. Just be warned: it closes at noon (like any real donut place) and may hold too much tastiness for one sitting.

2) JD's Chippery: Right around the corner from Mustang (literally), is JD's, which makes the best store-bought cookies ever, I think. I specify store-bought because out of familial ties I must say that my dad's homemade cookies (oatmeal, chocolate-chip, pecan) are the best cookies of all time. But JD's are great, freshly baked right there, and sometimes I get a Cherry Limeade to go with it - but that depends on how much sugar you can handle because they always put SO MUCH syrup in it! Yummy but also terrible for your teeth. My favorites: the oatmeal chocolate-chip, the snickerdoodles, and the milk chocolate-chip.

3) Pokey-O's: Also three minutes from my house, but in a slightly different direction than JD's and Mustang, Pokey-O's is an ice cream sandwich place - yes, just ice cream sandwiches all day, everyday. They make ice cream sandwiches daily from delicious, freshly baked cookies (of your choice, I generally go for chocolate-chip here, too), and then stuffed with a mound of Blue Bell ice cream - a classic ice cream made only in 17 states but also the 3rd most bought brand, so there you go. This store is new to Dallas, I think only since the summer after freshmen year of college, but it's pretty darn delicious.

4) Paciugo: Gelato made by an Italian with ingredients imported from Italy - having eaten the real stuff, I am fully qualified to say it's just as good. DARN good. Tons of flavors to choose from and you get to put three (3!) different flavors in the small size (which is big enough, let me tell you). My favorites: Stratiacella, Chocolate chocolate chip, Banana with Nilla Wafers. I never go for the sorbet because I'm just not that kind of girl, but I hear it's fantastic.

5) The Highland Park Pharmacy: About 10 min from home, best grilled cheese and shake combo EVER. You've got to split the shakes, though, because they're massive, so I hope you're ready for that. But, mmm mmm, it's always a great decision. And it's totally awesome because it literally has not changed since like, 1950, so it's totally old and dirty and the ladies that work there are super old and have been there since who knows when. So fun.

My New Profession

Alright, world, how about this - can I be a professional puppy photographer? Clearly it's a realistic line of work, as there's no way Milo here wasn't photographed by a professional.

Seriously, those are better than my high school yearbook pictures... Then again, that's not saying much.

... And yes, I was serious earlier, I honestly will make any excuse to put adorable puppies on this blog. Hmm, maybe I can start trying out my professional puppy-photography skills out on my puppy Sunny. We will see...


So this is that Bella that I've hearing all about in the entertainment world.

Well, I certainly can believe she earned hundreds of millions at the box office the weekend her movie came out.

...And yes, I will make any excuse to put a puppy on this blog.

Nate's Cartoons - Still Going Strong!

A few months ago, I posted about Nate's Cartoons, the new comic from a young up-and-coming comedian and artist in New York.

I thought he deserved an updated shout out. Now he has a regular schedule and is posting a brand new comic Monday - Friday - wow! That's even more than popular webcomic xkcd! Even better, as always, Nate's Cartoons is listed under my "Other Linguistic Linguines" section, so his cartoons are just one click away from your beloved Artful Stew.

Here is today's cartoon, a bitter satire on the plight of fruits, comedy, and unfortunate coincidence in this nation.


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Sad Day

I'm sorry I haven't been posting the past few days. We all lost a great man, though some of you may not know much about him. Here's just a little bit...

A Few Words about Henry S. Miller, Jr.

He did much more than any amount of articles could explain, but this was a nice start. He even made the front page of the Dallas Morning News.

He was a much-loved son, father, grandfather, great-grandfather, and man, and he will be missed.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Life Mimics Art

Or, in this case, sketch comedy.

Pig's Toots Freak Out Town

Personally, I think Chowdah's sketch was funnier, but if we had added a pig into the mix, too, we would have knocked 'em out of the park.

Speaking of knocking them out of the park, that's exactly what Chowdah's going to do at their holiday special tonight at 10 PM! Go see the show! It's going to kick bootattay.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Robots Squirrelpocalypse: Coming of the Robosquirrelmaggedon

This is adorable.

This is terrifying.

Mr. James Corbett, sir, while I respect your design aesthetic, please stop creating monsters that will initiate the squirrel revolt and destroy us all. Seriously, they're organized and devious enough as it is - stop giving them ideas!

Who doesn't want to be an otter?

Just in case you guys haven't seen this yet...

Feel free to thank me for making your week.

Also, come on, how great would it to be an otter? Besides my distaste for fish and other seafood, I'd love it.

Save Parks and Recreation!

Ratings have been down, and we all had our doubts about its awesomeness in the first place, but if any of you are still unconvinced about how great "Parks and Recreation" is now, then just start watching this season - it's brilliant.

Oh, and read this article which basically states that but in a much smarter-slash-more-analytical way.