Thursday, August 28, 2014

Bill Hader's List of 200 Essential Comedies

I just finished the book, Poking a Dead Frogs: Conversations with Today's Top Comedy Writers. He's the same guy who wrote the same book like five years ago, and the conversations are pretty much the same - in that they're interesting and fun to read, but you come out of it feeling like you haven't really learned anything. In the book, Bill Hader provides a list of his 200 "Essential" comedies to watch. You can read the full list here. The list is familiar with a few interesting differentiations, and I'll add the ones I haven't seen to my Netlflix list. I will say, I think it's really cute that he has pretty much every Coen brothers movie on there. I agree, Bill, I agree.

What do you think? Which ones haven't you seen, but want to now solely because a famous funny guy says they're legit? Because that's reason enough for me.

First Trailer for Jon Stewart's "Rosewater"

We're going to find out very soon what Jon Stewart was up to last summer. Below is the trailer for Rosewater, a film about an Iranian-Canadian journalist detained in Iran for 118 days, mostly for his coverage of the 2009 elections, but in part for appearing on Stewart's The Daily Show.

What do you think? It looks intense but interesting and informative. Honestly, I could stare at Gael Garcia Bernal for days, so if nothing else, Jon Stewart proves he can pick a solid story and great star.

[via /Film]

Clip from Pixar's "Lava"!

Disney and Pixar are pulling out all the stops to show us their new material. From Big Hero 6 to Inside Out to Feast, and now Lava, we're getting all kinds of fun animated sneak previews.

Here's the clip from Lava, courtesy of Yahoo:

It looks very sweet, and I love the colors. The music feels a bit fast, but I wonder if that was just for this clip's sake - it may feel more fluid in context.

Can't wait to see it!

#Shonda + #Mindy = #BestShowEver!

Shonda Rhimes will appear on The Mindy Project. She will play - of course - herself.

Once I watch that episode, my life will be complete.

Get ready for a new definition of time: BSAM (Before Shonda And Mindy) and ASAM (After Shonda And Mindy).

[via HuffPo]

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

FIrst Look at Disney Short, "Feast"

Goodness gracious - just take one gander at how flipping adorable this little B-Terrier is in Disney's new short, Feast. What a cute wee beastie!

Who wouldn't want to squeeze that little pup? What a cutie. I can't wait to watch it when it comes out along with Big Hero 6 this November!

[via /Film]

Riley from "Inside Out" First Look!!

I'm SUPER excited about Pixar's new movie, Inside Out, even if it isn't going to be released until next year, and look how adorable the setting is!

Looks like Riley's just moved into her new place and is happy to be there. Or is she?

Moving is rough. It's exciting to see what the world looks like outside of Riley's brain, but I'm also excited to see more of what's inside it!

There's a full sneak peak video at Disney Movies Anywhere (you have to login, but it's free). Enjoy!

[via /Film and Pixar Times]

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Glen Keane's "Duet" is a wonderful short film

I love a good short film - and I love a good short animated film even more. This short, Duet, from legendary Disney animator Glen Keane (think: Ariel, Tarzan - which you can really see in the male character - Pocahontas, Aladdin, Rapunzel) is simple and beautiful. If you're not an animation lover, you'll enjoy the story and the music. If you are an animation lover, you will see why this guy is a master of the art:

So pure and lovely. And, needless to say, the hand-drawn quality is so refreshing.

Here's a synopsis (though why do you really need one of a short? I have no idea):
Animated in its entirety and directed by Glen Keane (former Disney animator and creator of such beloved characters as Ariel, Beast, Aladdin, Pocahontas, Tarzan and Rapunzel), DUET tells the story of Mia and Tosh and how their individual paths in life weave together to create an inspired duet. The unique, interactive nature of the story allows the viewer to seamlessly follow the journey of either of the two characters from birth to adulthood.
And here's a cool "making of" video:

[via /Film]