Thursday, October 30, 2014

"Yes, Please" is SO GOOD!

Expect to see a lot of Amy Poehler love over here in the new few days, because a) she's doing a lot of press and b) I'm reading her book, Yes, Please and it's SO GOOD! There are moments I laughed out loud on the subway on the way to work this morning, and it has put me in such a great mood. This woman lifts everyone up. I love her! So, yes, I know I've already given her a shout out, but she deserves like a million more!

So for your enjoyment, Jezebel rounded up their favorite answers from Amy's Reddit AMAA. And here is the full AMAA.

Captain Marvel Casting - Who Should Play Carol Danvers?

I'm not a huge comics fan, but I did really enjoy Guardians of the Galaxy this year, and I usually have a good time at any Marvel movie I see, so I'm at least vaguely looking forward to the newly announced Captain Marvel movie - Marvel's first lady-led superhero flick. At least, I'm looking forward to it as much as you can for something that's three years away and not a Pixar movie. What made me interested enough to post about it? Angie Han over at /Film put together a great list of women who could play the Captain. It serves as a great reminder of how many talented actresses out there are ready to play interesting action heroes - though it also makes me want to see all of those women in one epic Guardians style movie together.

Tiny Disney Waistlines are More than a Tiny Bit Scary

A Buzzfeed artist adjusted the waistlines of some Disney princesses to be more realistic.

If you look at the photos on the right first, you'll think "those aren't such tiny waists" then you look at the photos on the left and realize, "Oh my God, those princesses have the rib cage of a hummingbird!" It really makes you feel like the original Disney ones are the ones that have been Photoshopped.

An excellent case of showing not telling disproportionate body standards. See them all on Buzzfeed.

Little Mermaid

Tiny Organ-less Mermaid

The Daily Show Tackles Immigration in Austin

Love this clip from TDS about immigration. I know everyone's favorite part is probably the end trailer, but mine is definitely, "DEEP IN THE HEART OF TEXAS!". I clapped right along with them!

Keep Austin weird. And keep letting immigrants into Texas.

You Ain't Cool Unless You Support Planned Parenthood*

Lena Dunham's book tour t-shirt says, "Lena [Heart] Planned Parenthood." And now tons of celebs are wearing them! It's a great way to raise awareness for Planned Parenthood (and Lena's book). Planned Parenthood is also going to be doing nine events in coordination with the book tour throughout October. You can check out them all the celeb photos at HuffPo.

*Yes that was a Billy Madison reference for some terrible reason.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

More 'Moana'!

Makes me miss Hawaii

Disney's big 2016 animated feature, Moana, is about a seafaring teen navigator from the South Pacific islands who goes on an adventure to a fabled land. Apparently there will be demi-gods and sea monsters and all kinds of mythology! Neat! You can read more about the new movie over at /Film.

Green Halloween Candy!

Halloween time = Candy time

But candy time doesn't have to be destroy the world time! Of course, the best candies are going to be ones that are organic and fancy and all that goodness, but if you want to have some nostalgic candy going on, and don't want to get caught up in the whirl that is the palm oil industry, check out all the palm oil-free candies at this list here. And another list here!

And you can read more about palm oil (which I wasn't too familiar with) at ThinkProgress.