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Just a friendly reminder to early vote this weekend, or regular vote on Tuesday (November 4th)! This, like every, election is important, and your voice deserves to be heard. Try as people might to silence it. Yes, those are all individual articles discussing different issues - there are that many different kinds of attempts to suppress voters this election - not to mention future elections. If they're that scared of you voting, that means your vote is that much more important.


Teaser for Disney Short "Feast"

I'm a sucker for both adorable puppies and delicious food (as you well know), so I'm ready to be delighted by Disney's latest short, Feast, about a puppy's food-slash-life journey. They recently released this teaser for it, which only confirms my pre-delight:

The animation style is really rich and enjoyable, as well. As /Film points out, it's reminiscent of 2012's Paperman but with color and a puppy!

[via /Film]

Worlds Collide with Amy Poehler and George R.R. Martin!

Remember how I mentioned that Amy Poehler's book and George R.R. Martin's book came out at the same time? They're both on the publicity track, and stopped by Late Night with Seth Meyers this week. Here is the silliness that followed

My favorite was the aunt who didn't get invited to the Red Wedding. That's legit.

Let's Learn About Income Inequality with Amy Poehler and Billy on the Street!

Love this super weird animated short by Adam McKay starring Amy Poehler, Billy Eichner, and a bunch of other celebs, all about income inequality and one messed-up lollipop.

Adorable, informative, and horrifying! Just like I like my cartoons!

[via HuffPo]

Mockingjay Part 1 Trailer!

Appropriate for this to come out just days before I dress as Katniss for Halloween!

Ok, I admit, J-Law rocks the look better than I do, but my bow was a broken hanger with a rubber band for the string, so, you know, work with what you've got!

Jezebel's Round-Up of Celeb Costumes

For more fun costumery, Jezebel has a great round-up of celebs doing Halloween right. My favorite is the last one. Too flippin' cute. What's yours?

Ha-puppy Howl-o-ween!

Enough dog puns? Look at this adorable pup in costume (what costume is it? Not sure. Like, he got into a triangular jack-o-lantern and also is a sweater?). And yes, I'm only posting one because I have self-restraint! But I mean, if you want to see more dogs in costumes, that's what the internet is for.

[via A Place to Love Dogs]

Happy Potterween! New Stories up on Pottermore!

Six new essays from J.K. Rowling about various Harry Potter characters (including Dolores Umbridge, thestrals, and Sybil Trelawney) are up on Pottermore as you read this! Very exciting. The telegraph has a whole live blog about it. I know what I'll be doing at work today! Ok, I'll be doing work, but hopefully I can fit a little of this in, too.

The Toast's "Fictional Characters Whose Lives Would Have Vastly Been Improved By An Abortion"

I'm really digging The Toast, the feminist/humor/smarty pants digital magazine from Mallory Ortberg and Nicole Cliffe (formerly of The Hairpin). And I just wanted to do a quick shout out to a piece I really enjoyed last week (with the above title). It's funny (because, it's supposed to be), but it's also totally true (except for Harry Potter - gotta disagree there!). It kind of shows how annoying and lame pregnancy can be as a plot device, and it also show how interesting abortion could be as a plot device, though it's so rarely used (except on Obvious Child which was obviously the super great exception that proves the rule).

Married/Work Team Sam Bee and Jason Jones Sell Comedy Pilot to TBS!

Samantha Bee and Jason Jones have to be one of my favorite long-running parts of The Daily Show - they're such a wonderful comedic pair and marriage pair. It's really great to watch! Plus, they are of course also funny on their own. Sam Bee's book, I Know I Am, But What Are You? is a total delight (Bee-light!? No). So I'm so happy that they've sold a comedy pilot to TBS! For right now, it looks like it would star Jason as the father of a family on a pretty epic family road trip (each season would cover a different family vacation). I love the concept, and those two are funny enough to make it live up to its potential. I hope if it gets ordered to series this doesn't mean they'd have to leave TDS, but of course, if it does, they've certainly earned a wonderful goodbye. They're the best (bee-st!?)!

[via Jezebel - Nice find, Maddie!]

Happy Halloween Nails!

Happy Halloween, reader(s)! Check out these spooky nails I did! We've got a jack-o-lantern, a mummy, a pensive Frankenstein, spooky eyes in the dark, and a ghost!

(based on this design)

Contribute to "Things You Didn't Know about Tiny Tim"

My packet writing teacher wants to write and direct a short film called, Things You Didn't Know about Tiny Tim. It sounds like a fun project, and if you're interested in helping you, you can contribute to her Indie GoGo page here. You can do it, Tamara!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

"Yes, Please" is SO GOOD!

Expect to see a lot of Amy Poehler love over here in the new few days, because a) she's doing a lot of press and b) I'm reading her book, Yes, Please and it's SO GOOD! There are moments I laughed out loud on the subway on the way to work this morning, and it has put me in such a great mood. This woman lifts everyone up. I love her! So, yes, I know I've already given her a shout out, but she deserves like a million more!

So for your enjoyment, Jezebel rounded up their favorite answers from Amy's Reddit AMAA. And here is the full AMAA.

Captain Marvel Casting - Who Should Play Carol Danvers?

I'm not a huge comics fan, but I did really enjoy Guardians of the Galaxy this year, and I usually have a good time at any Marvel movie I see, so I'm at least vaguely looking forward to the newly announced Captain Marvel movie - Marvel's first lady-led superhero flick. At least, I'm looking forward to it as much as you can for something that's three years away and not a Pixar movie. What made me interested enough to post about it? Angie Han over at /Film put together a great list of women who could play the Captain. It serves as a great reminder of how many talented actresses out there are ready to play interesting action heroes - though it also makes me want to see all of those women in one epic Guardians style movie together.

Tiny Disney Waistlines are More than a Tiny Bit Scary

A Buzzfeed artist adjusted the waistlines of some Disney princesses to be more realistic.

If you look at the photos on the right first, you'll think "those aren't such tiny waists" then you look at the photos on the left and realize, "Oh my God, those princesses have the rib cage of a hummingbird!" It really makes you feel like the original Disney ones are the ones that have been Photoshopped.

An excellent case of showing not telling disproportionate body standards. See them all on Buzzfeed.

Little Mermaid

Tiny Organ-less Mermaid

The Daily Show Tackles Immigration in Austin

Love this clip from TDS about immigration. I know everyone's favorite part is probably the end trailer, but mine is definitely, "DEEP IN THE HEART OF TEXAS!". I clapped right along with them!

Keep Austin weird. And keep letting immigrants into Texas.

You Ain't Cool Unless You Support Planned Parenthood*

Lena Dunham's book tour t-shirt says, "Lena [Heart] Planned Parenthood." And now tons of celebs are wearing them! It's a great way to raise awareness for Planned Parenthood (and Lena's book). Planned Parenthood is also going to be doing nine events in coordination with the book tour throughout October. You can check out them all the celeb photos at HuffPo.

*Yes that was a Billy Madison reference for some terrible reason.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

More 'Moana'!

Makes me miss Hawaii

Disney's big 2016 animated feature, Moana, is about a seafaring teen navigator from the South Pacific islands who goes on an adventure to a fabled land. Apparently there will be demi-gods and sea monsters and all kinds of mythology! Neat! You can read more about the new movie over at /Film.

Green Halloween Candy!

Halloween time = Candy time

But candy time doesn't have to be destroy the world time! Of course, the best candies are going to be ones that are organic and fancy and all that goodness, but if you want to have some nostalgic candy going on, and don't want to get caught up in the whirl that is the palm oil industry, check out all the palm oil-free candies at this list here. And another list here!

And you can read more about palm oil (which I wasn't too familiar with) at ThinkProgress.

A Whole New World... of Ice and Fire!

Big day! In addition to Yes, Please, George R.R. Martin's latest encyclopedia, A World of Ice and Fire came out today! The husb and I got our copy in the mail. Spoiler alert: it's enormous! But there are also a lot of pretty pictures in it. It's like an adult picture book combined with a fun textbook. Well, I say fun. We haven't read it yet. But I sure do hope it's fun!

Yes, Please! Start Reading "Yes, Please"!

Speaking of books that came out today, you can now read Amy Poehler's Yes, Please! What are you doing reading this blog? Go! Order it online! Grab it in a bookstore! Kindle it! iPad it! But get it in your mind-tummy!

And if you need a little extra convincing, you can read a few excerpts from the book here and here!

Let's Get Physics, Y'all!

Megan Amram has written a new book, Science... For Her! which comes out November 4th. To promote it, she's released this music video even our tiny, ladylike brains can understand!

I know what I'll be reading on the 4th and what I'll be trying to get out of my head forever!


Love this video by Hari Kondabolu re: Redskins.

Makes a pretty strong point! You can see some of the new logos here.

Sesame Street and Aziz Ansari? Ridiculous!

Grover and Aziz Ansari have a totally normal conversation on a pretty ridiculous subject:


[via HuffPo]

Monday, October 27, 2014

This Guy Really Needs "Racism Insurance"

I'm so bummed I haven't had a chance yet to see Dear White People (but will as soon as I am not working on the weekends!). Fortunately, in the meantime, I can enjoy this spot-on commercial parody:

Supes funny. Love that he goes through every possible cliche of "white guy talks to black woman" in about fifteen seconds.

[via HuffPo]

Amy Sedaris Joins Tinder in "Seriously Distracted"

You had me at Amy Sedaris + Tinder:

So I think it's a webseries of some kind. This episode was great! I guess I should watch the rest!

[via Jezebel]

Blackish: Physical vs. Emotional Punishment

I really loved this week's episode of Blackish. Spoilers for anyone who hasn't seen the episode (go watch it! It's On Demand!).

It handled spanking in such an honest way, and the end result felt like it was right out of my own childhood. My mom spanked us kids once or twice with the dreaded "wooden spoon" (though the more common punishment was biting a bar of soap for a potty mouth), but the emotional punishment of disappointment was so much stronger and longer-lasting. I don't remember if Mom ever even really spanked me, or if I just watched my siblings once or twice, but I do remember - so keenly - each time she said she was disappointed in me. Disappointment really is the ultimate tool in the parental toolkit. Although just wait until Jack gets older and Dre can stop saying, "I'm disappointed in you," and start with, "I know you're disappointed in yourself." That's the one that sticks with you into adulthood and beyond. Forever ouch.

"Forget You" in 25 Celeb Voices

Here's singer/impressionist Christina Bianco's rendition of "Fuck You" (or, "Forget You") sung with twenty-five different celeb voices (most are singers, but some definitely aren't). I'm not a huge impressions person, so I didn't think I'd like this video too much, but once she gets warmed up, a lot of the impressions are really amusing:

Kristin Chenoweth is what really sold me, and she NAILS Zooey Deschanel. Her Streisand is pretty great, too, and I didn't even realize I knew what Streisand sounded like. A few others went over my head, but overall a fun four minutes!

Neil Patrick Harris got a Variety Show!

Our beloved NPH will host a variety show (possibly in New York!) next year based on the British series Saturday Night Takeaway. One quote says the show will be, “a real blend between comedy, game and musical variety. And it has this fast pace and irreverence to it.” Interesting!

For those curious what the British show is like, below is their Series 11 Highlight reel:

My honest reaction? God, this show (or maybe Britain in general) is white. Like, really white. Other than that, hard to get a read on it, but seems like there are plenty of explosions. Possibly, glitter explosions.

Sugar: It's In Your Dinner

I love watching John Oliver stick it to The Man. In this case, The Candy Man.

And now just because it's in your head:

He does sell it pretty dang hard.

OK Go's New Video is Mesmerizing!

I really love all the umbrellas and choreography in the new OK Go video, for their song, "I Won't Let You Down." I won't say any more, so as not to spoil it, but please enjoy:

Pretty insane, right!? I feel like I've just been hypnotized.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

New York: Bastion of Clean Energy!

Since the Climate March and because of Climate Week, there's been - thankfully - a lot of announcements about new clean energy initiatives and deals. In New York, two especially significant deals were announced. By NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio to reduce emissions in the city by 80% of 2005 levels by 2050, and (more practically) $100 million in funding new solar projects in New York state that will increase the total solar output by 68%. That's a lot of percent!

Isn't it nice to read some good news every once and a while?

Read more about both events at ThinkProgress.

Garfunkel and Oates: You're Such a Loser (and that's good!)

Garfunkel and Oates had their first season finale over at IFC last week. They really went out with a bang - at least if you consider a tribute to failure and why that's ok a bang, which I do, which is why I said it.

See? Being a loser means you tried, and that's a great thing. Even when you fail a lot. A solid and adorably-animated reminder for all of us losers out there.

OMG: Outlander Wedding = Outlander Hotness

If you haven't been watching Outlander, I don't blame you - it's hard to get access to Starz without a cable subscription and a very understanding significant other or roommate. But however you can swing it, get ye-self to an Outlander-y, because this show is too good to miss. I haven't watched the mid-season finale (!) yet because I'm too depressed that it's not coming back until April instead of January like we had all hoped, but last week's episode, "The Wedding" was everything a modern gal could hope and dream of in terms of sexy times on TV. Super sexy dude? Check. Multiple rounds of sexy times? Check. Plenty of story so the sexy times have a solid emotional background? Check. Female gaze? Check out the wazoo!

In case you're wondering what you missed, there are some fun recaps here (the Jezebel comments are in and of themselves very entertaining), here, and here.

Also, this:

People's Climate March: A Resounding Success!

My brother and I went to the People's Climate March in New York last Sunday. It was incredible. 400,000 people? After walking through it - I believe it. It was truly amazing to see all kinds of people from all walks of life (not just aging hippies and naive college students!) come together and support a cause we can all support. This is the defining issue of our time, and it's about time we started acting like it!

SO Happy that "The Mindy Project" is Back!

Mostly because of this (ugh I can't embed it but go to the link and watch Danny Castellano's SUPER HOT stripper dance!). Here's a sneak peek:

Um. Yes. Please. Thank you.

Also the rest of the show is super great. Great jokes. Great character stuff. Great, great, great.

Back to Danny dancing!!

Need Something to Read?

Try out some of the movers and shakers in new media from Mallory Ortberg's (herself a fabulous writer) A List of One's Own at The Toast. These writers (who, in case you didn't get the Woolf reference, are women) are doing all kinds of interesting, innovating work. Check 'em out!

"Harry Potter" Helps Teen Readers Empathize

In case you needed another reason re-read Harry Potter or gift them to your little cousins or nieces and nephews, a new study suggests reading the HP books increases your ability to empathize with different people, particularly "out groups" vs "in groups".  From the Scientific American article on the study:

For decades it's been known that an effective means of improving negative attitudes and prejudices between differing groups of people is through intergroup contact – particularly through contact between “in-groups,” or a social group to which someone identifies, and “out-groups,” or a group they don’t identify with or perceive as threatening. Even reading short stories about friendship between in- and out-group characters is enough to improve attitudes toward stigmatized groups in children. A new study published in the Journal of Applied Social Psychology found that reading the Harry Potter books in particular has similar effects, likely in part because Potter is continually in contact with stigmatized groups. The “muggles” get no respect in the wizarding world as they lack any magical ability. The “half-bloods,” or “mud-bloods” – wizards and witches descended from only one magical parent – don’t fare much better, while the Lord Voldemort character believes that power should only be held by “pure-blood” wizards. He’s Hitler in a cloak.
Intuitively, this feels right, but it's good to know it's backed by science and not just the innate yearnings of my heart.

Thus Concludes the Nail Art Extravaganza!

Told you I had a lot of stellar nail designs to share with you all! Pretty sweet deal, right? It was also fun for me because it was like a quick recap of my summer, which, all nails considered, was a pretty darn great one!

Wild Pink Leopard and Zebra Print Bachelorette Nails!

One of my best friends is getting married in two weeks, so for her bachelorette nails, I decided to go as stereotypical as possible: neon pink with black leopard spots and zebra stripes. Full-on bridal, "girl power" insanity. Fortunately, my friend is not at all like this. We ended up doing a "Murder Mystery at the MET" Scavenger hunt as our main activity so... yeah, not quite a wild, animal print bunch, which is why I thought it'd be so fun(ny). What do you think?

Fall Tree Nails with Colorful Falling Leaves

I'll admit it - I went above and beyond for this one. First off, I didn't even base this off of anyone else's design. I created it all myself out of my OWN BRAIN! Second off, I painted these beautiful little branches underneath the leaves you see there. Needless to say, my bare winter tree nails will be gorgeous. Also, check out the fun, more abstract falling leaves thumb nail. Pretty fun and super colorful, right? Go, me!

Gold Dinosaurs at Wedding: Best DIY Ever!

Also, I'd be reminsce not to post these amazing, hand-gold-spray-painted dinosaurs that decorated our friends' wedding. What a unique, classy, silly, ridiculously fun DIY thing to do! Clearly, this is why we hang out with them.

Beach Ball Nails!

Here are my awesome beach ball-slash-abstract-because-they-don't-super-look-like-beach ball nails! I did these to celebrate our good friends Max & Jess' wedding! The first photo is in front of my shower curtain because it's fanciful. The second photo is where they were married - overlooking the mighty Pacific Ocean! Beautiful! Like out of a flippin' magazine!

End of Summer Fun Color Nails!

Look how long and well-shaped my nails are here! Alas, it was not meant to be for long - I can't remember why, but I went several days after this color chipped off without anything on my nails, and I totally reverted to my habit of picking at them. That's what I always say - ABNP!

Always Be Nail Painting!

Anyway, I was also pretty bummed about summer ending, so this was my defiant last stand against the rising tide of fall.

Green-ish Gray and White Stripes and Lattice Design

Green and white lattice and stripes nails just for funskies.

Blue Ocean Nails!

I know I usually only post my nails if they have a pretty design, but isn't it such a lovely coincidence that I happened to paint my toenails that rich blue and then a week later go to the real live ocean? This is thanks to a super fun visit to Boston (the beach is Plum Island, about an hour north of the city) to visit my brother, and we were joined by my other brother and his new girlfriend. Such a great time! Summer is the best!

Emmy Nails!

These Emmy nails I did before the Creative Arts Emmys in August certainly brought us luck - my husband brought home his second trophy! Now they're flanking our TV. Pretty baller, huh? I'd like to say I contributed heavily to the win.

Hockaday Nails: Close-Up of School Crest

Here's a close-up of the Hockaday school crest. Our motto is "Virtus Scientia"

Hockaday Nails!

So you guys aren't going to understand these at first, but these nails are in honor of my high school alma mater, Hockaday, which recently celebrated its 100th birthday! Isn't that incredible? It's a wonderful all-girls school in Dallas that is super smart and totally feminist. The daisy is our mascot (Hockadaisies), the plaid is our school plaid, and the unicorn thing is our school crest! Not bad, huh?

Pink, Yellow, and White Polka Dot Nails!

I kind of had a very polka dot-infused summer this year. I also got a few new colors as you might be able to tell (this pink, the blue for the sky with clouds, the gray for the chevron, all the greens and browns, etc). I felt like this pattern on top of these colors would be very fun and summer appropriate. Honestly, I wish I had a dress that looked like this! Don't you?

Baby Nails for Shira & Adam & Ezra!

My friends Shira and Adam had their first baby in June. His name is Ezra and he's adorable. Moreover, he's the first baby my husband and I ever held (at least that I remember). He's too cute, so I did these polka dot, footprint, and otter nails to celebrate his arrival. Why an otter? Adam loves them and surely Ezra will, too.

Moon & Constellations Nails

I did these super cool moon and constellation nails before my friend Abbie - who works at NASA - came to NYC for a visit. Aren't they baller? Dippers Big and Little on the index and pinky nails, with Cassiopeia and Orion on the middle nails.

Bastille Day and Tour de France Nails!

Came up with this stellar design while the husb was watching the Tour de France and I saw the Bastille Day colors on the Empire State Building. I'm actually really surprised at how well the bike turned out - looks like a real bike!

Hammock and Tree Nails!

Went on a trip to Pawley's Island, SC for a beach vacation with my husband and his family. We stayed at a wonderful house right on the beach with a screened in porch, boogie boards, and all the board games and puzzles we could play! I strongly recommend SpaceTeam! Also, if you're ever in Pawley's Island, you've got to visit Paradice Ice Cream. Stick to the ice cream (the ice is not up to Rita's or Louie G's standards), but it really is amazing - super fun flavors and wacky combinations that really work, like banana pudding!

Blue Mountain Ranch nails!

BMR nails to celebrate our wonderful trip to Blue Mountain Ranch summer camp. Send all your kids there! Oh, and yellow part represents "A Mountain Made of Gold" for "Friendship is a mountain made of gold that cannot be bought or sold." Seriously, people, send your kids to BMR!

Colorful Summer Stripes Nails

Summery stripe nails to celebrate June! (Told you I had a backlog!)

Pink and White Lace Nails

Pretty pink and white lacy nails!

Cloud and Sky Nails!

Pretty blue sky and fluffy clouds!

Gray and Pink Chevron Nails!

Gray and pink chevron nail art! Pretty!

Cookie Nails!

Mmm, aren't they delicious? Chocolate-chip!


Get ready for some MAJOR NAIL ACTION on the blog tonight! I (for good reasons, I promise!) put off doing all my September posts until tonight, but fortunately I've built up a backlog of nail art to post, so get ready for...


Sunday, August 31, 2014

Veronica Mars Webseries Spin-Off "Play it Again, Dick" to Premiere Sept 15th

I'm happy to see Veronica Mars back in any incarnation, and who doesn't love Ryan Hansen (if not his douchey character Dick Casablancas)? So I'm happy to see that the CW will, in fact, release the Veronica Mars spin-off webseries, Play It Again, Dick starting on September 15th, with a new 8-10 minute episode released weekly after that. Should be fun!

Read more about it over at EW!

Obamacare: Lowering Premiums

This is a pretty BFD. TPM's headline that the fact that Obamacare is lowering - instead of increasing - premiums around the country is something the GOP doesn't want you to see is totally accurate. This, along with other factors like the fact that Obamacare hasn't been the disaster the GOP "knew" it would be, is why it's slowly but surely stopped being a 2014 elections issue. Just as Social Security and Medicare quickly blended into the, "Of course we have this safety net/protection," Obamacare, too, is quietly becoming just another thing Americans assume they have, and appreciate without really acknowledge or even know they appreciate.

Solid commentary on "Every Simpsons Ever"

I hope those of you out there with FXX are enjoying, "Every Simpsons Ever" or, as I call it, "I've had Seasons 1-11 on DVD this whole time." I know most Simpsons episodes (through Season 11 or so) by heart, but Alyssa Rosenberg over at WaPo is new to the show, and I feel like her thoughts on how The Simpsons portrays childhood are totally accurate.

Have you been enjoying "Every Simpsons Ever"? Have you noticed anything different since you last watched these episodes? Anything that went over your head as a kid that you now are like, "oh THAT's why that's funny!"?

SYTYCD Wedding Dance

SYTYCD has been pretty good this season. I think I liked last season better (though it's funny that last season I was no fan of Aaron, the tapper who made it to the finale, and I'm also not huge on Zack, the guy tapper in this year's finale), but I really loved this wedding-dance-to-end-all-wedding-dances with Twitch and Valerie. I feel like it's been one of the few truly stand out routines of the year, but maybe because it's so funny?

I'd go to that wedding. Also, Ricky is super amazing - how does he get his body to extend so much!? And I don't even totally know what extending means!

Early Jim Henson Animated Short!

Check out this super cool early Jim Henson short. It's an animated paper-cut piece, called Drum West set to a piece of jazz music by Chico Hamilton.

Here's a description from the Jim Henson Company:
“Drums West” cut-paper animation from Jim Henson. This newly rediscovered short was created in Jim’s home studio in Bethesda, MD around 1961. It is one of several experimental shorts inspired by the music of jazz great Chico Hamilton. At the end, in footage probably shot by Jerry Juhl, Jim demonstrates his working method.

It reminds me a lot of Disney's Fantasia's elements that visualize the music combined with a pre-Sesame Street homegrown animation feeling. And I love the adorable shot of Henson (pre-beard, notes my husband) at the end.

This also feels very appropriate right now because it's raining outside and the music reminds me of rain on a tin roof. Staccato, like fireworks, yet somehow soothing.

[via /Film]

Congrats to Bob's Burgers and Harry Shearer!

I forgot to mention this around Emmy's time, but I was SO happy that Bob's Burgers won an Emmy for outstanding animated program, and that Harry Shearer (finally!) won for his voiceover work on The Simpsons! Yay for funny people who have been recognized for their great work!

Watch my friend Caitlin in "The Knick"!

The other channel we got for free for a weekend was Cinemax, to promote their new show The Knick. The show is pretty grisly (early 20th century surgery, so, you know), but my friend Caitlin plays one of the nurses in the first two episodes (and has a pretty epic scene at the beginning of the second one). So if you can watch those first two episodes, you totally should! Just not while you're eating.

The Toast's "Outlander" Drinking Game

The humor site, The Toast, has a pitch-perfect drinking game for the new Starz' series, Outlander (and the books the show is based on). I should also mention that if you really do abide by it, you will get super-schwasted, so proceed with caution.

Also, I really wish I could watch the show without paying for Starz! They totally hooked me on the first episode (they gave us a free weekend of Starz and then just took it away! Which was the point but still lame).

Read an Unpublished Chapter of "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"

You can read a whole, unpublished chapter of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory over at The Guardian.

There's generally a reason why part of a book doesn't get published, and it certainly makes sense here (too many kids!), but the mountain of vanilla fudge does sound delectable - though I'd prefer salted caramel fudge to vanilla.

How Caffeine Works

This video gives a quick and simple illustration (literally!) of how caffeine works in our brains by blocking a sleepiness-inducing chemical called adenosine.

Neat! I learned something new!!

You can watch more AsapScience videos on their YouTube channel.

New Bloomsbury Harry Potter Covers!

I dig the red theme and the creepiness of the thestrals
Recently, Scholastic got some new Harry Potter artwork, so now Bloomsbury is following in their footsteps. I was never a fan of Bloomsbury's old HP covers, so these are a huge improvement. They're pretty spoiler-y (especially Book 7), so I guess they're really more for fans who have already read the books. I also feel like Harry doesn't really age throughout them - i.e. look at him in Book 1 vs Book 7 - not a huge difference even though it's been seven years! Ah well, the artwork in and of itself is really lovely.

Check out all the covers here!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Pixar's "The Good Dinosaur" Update!

I was bummed when Pixar's The Good Dinosaur got bumped from this summer to next Thanksgiving (definitely one reason this summer has been a bit lacking in the film department - aside from Obvious Child and Guardians of course!), because it meant the film's problems must have been pretty severe. It looks like we were right, but, fortunately, that all has been resolved.

Collider released a video and article from an interview with John Lithgow explaining that he's going to re-record his entire role (Poppa) for the film. He says, "Don’t worry.  It’s coming and it’s gonna be better than I ever imagined.” That's good! Lithgow's got good taste, so I trust him on this one.

I also much prefer Pixar delaying and reinventing a movie rather than release something subpar. I hope that when The Good Dinosaur is released in November 25, 2015, it proves that this reboot was necessary and that the film is just as wonderful and magical as we expect from the Pixar pedigree.

You can read more and watch the video of Lithgow's interview over at Collider.

The Art of the Steadicam

Refocused Media put together this hypnotic compilation of steadicam (and steadi-crane) shots over the years, composed of almost forty films and a few TV shows.

From the creators over at Refocused:

These sequences are accomplished using a Steadicam, which is essentially a balanced stabilizer that allows for smoother and more easily controlled handheld camera operation. Invented by Garrett Brown in the early 70?s, the steadicam shot — or ‘steadishot’ — has become one of the most dynamic and exciting forms of cinematography and is one of the most engaging visual techniques in a filmmaker’s storytelling arsenal. I was inspired to make this homage to the art of steadicam cinematography when browsing the database of “top” clips over at, which are rated by the community. After locating what sources I could from the top 50 or so, I decided to stick with the order presented on the site (accurate as of March 1, 2013). 

I love these kinds of montages (the year-in-film ones are usually great) because they remind you why - even when we have an overall crummy summer of movies like this year - you love movies in the first place. Film is an art and it is beautiful and full of visual storytelling. A compilation like this (especially because they've replaced the audio with an overarching song to connect the films) allows you to really see what the camera is telling you and why. It's fascinating!

[via /Film]

The Film Before the Film: Opening Titles

If you've taken any film classes, consider this a brief and fun refresher, but if you're new to thinking about film instead of just absorbing it, this is quick documentary that gives you a brief glimpse into the artistry and history behind films' opening titles:

The documentary was made as a research project by students Nora Thoes and Damian PĂ©rez at the BTK University of Applied Sciences in Berlin

I've always been a big fan of opening titles in film and TV. They're a great way to introduce the audience to the tone of the movie, as well as introduce a different kind of visual style, like animation or stop-motion or CGI or paper-craft, into the film that you probably wouldn't have the opportunity to do elsewhere.

Do you think you'll consider opening titles more often in films now?

[via /Film]

Diet Racism: When Just a Little is Still Too Much

College Humor has a fun soda commercial parody called, Diet Racism, "when you say stuff that's kind of racist but stop short of saying the n-word"

Ugh, why is this so true? Barf society barf barf.

[via HuffPo]

If Guy Best Friends Were Like Girl Best Friends

How guys spend their time together...

Haha, obviously this isn't how guys act around each other! They totally forgot the part where they binge-watch Orphan Black and talk about their relationship with their mothers.

[via HuffPo]

Garfunkel and Oates: Rainbow Connection

If you haven't started watching Garfunkel and Oates on IFC, do it now! If you need proof, watch this super sweet adorable clip, and know that the whole show is not super sweet like this, but is very funny:

Awwwwwwwwww love and stuff.

Billy on the Street on the Emmys!

I totally missed this, but I love having Billy on the Street back if only for four minutes: "Seth and Billy on the Street" (can't embed, sorry!)

Lake Bell to direct "The Emperor's Children"

I loved Lake Bell's In A World - it was really funny and sweet and had a slower pace (in a good way) than most comedies. I'll be interested to see what she can do with The Emperor's Children, which follows some 30ish Brown grads as they navigate life before and following 9/11. Not really a topic I'd want to hear about normally (thus why I haven't read the book it's based on), but it might be worthwhile with Bell at the helm. Best of luck to her!

[Read more about Bell's sophomore pick over at /Film]

Parks and Rec Season 6 Gag Reel!

Speaking of Andy Dwyer, here's Parks and Rec's season six gag reel!! It's not nearly enough to tide us over before the FINAL SEVENTH SEASON this spring, but I'll take it!

[via HuffPo]

GotG What the What!?

Who knew Guardians of the Galaxy was not going to suck!? I didn't! And then it turned out to be one of the most fun movies of the (admittedly underwhelming) summer!

The movie is super cute, but I have to admit most of my love of it derives from the transformation of one of my favorite actors from adora-cool Bright from the WB's (!) Everwood to super-adora-schlub Andy on Parks and Rec to adora-sexy-superhero Peter Quill in GotG. You did it, Chris Pratt!

I mean, look at this! Come on!

A while ago /Film put out a fun list of all the stuff that may happen in GotG2 so check it out!

"Women Against Feminism" parody Twitter is super funny/sad

"Women Against Feminism" is the exception that proves the rule of feminism gaining more mainstream acceptance. So a "Women Against Feminism" parody twitter seems very appropriate. It's super funny and you should check it out! @NoToFeminism


[via HuffPo]

Fall TV's Getting Colorful!

If you're not excited about Fall TV so far, I'm not surprised. There are a lot of not-so-promising pilots out there, but that's always the case! Some that look terrible will turn out to be great, most will turn out to be just as bad as you thought, and ones you never heard of will in turn fade into ether or be the funniest/most wonderful thing of all time (until the next FMWTOAT). BUT ABC may have more a more good than bad ratio going on this year, since they've greenlit a lot of shows starring people of color. I know I've mentioned this before, but since premiere time is right around the corner, I figured I'd re-mention it. I'm most looking forward to How to Get Away with Murder because I'm a Shonda girl, but the other shows might just blow my mind! Who knows!?

I Wrote a Funny Thing

And it's kind of blowing up the internet! It's this card for someecards. Just 7.9K more shares and it'll get to 200K shares!

It even made it onto HuffPo!

"Wild" Trailer

Below is a trailer for Reese Witherspoon's new movie, Wild, about a woman who hikes 1,000 miles to help her heal over a tragedy (and her reactions to that tragedy). It's based on a memoir by Cheryl Strayed.

It looks like it could be really good or really schmaltzy, but considering it was adapted by Nick Hornby, I'm guessing good. I also really love Reese Witherspoon as an actress, so this feels like a solid showcase for her talent. It's coming December 5th, so just in time for the post-and-pre holidays!

[via GITS]

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Bill Hader's List of 200 Essential Comedies

I just finished the book, Poking a Dead Frogs: Conversations with Today's Top Comedy Writers. He's the same guy who wrote the same book like five years ago, and the conversations are pretty much the same - in that they're interesting and fun to read, but you come out of it feeling like you haven't really learned anything. In the book, Bill Hader provides a list of his 200 "Essential" comedies to watch. You can read the full list here. The list is familiar with a few interesting differentiations, and I'll add the ones I haven't seen to my Netlflix list. I will say, I think it's really cute that he has pretty much every Coen brothers movie on there. I agree, Bill, I agree.

What do you think? Which ones haven't you seen, but want to now solely because a famous funny guy says they're legit? Because that's reason enough for me.

First Trailer for Jon Stewart's "Rosewater"

We're going to find out very soon what Jon Stewart was up to last summer. Below is the trailer for Rosewater, a film about an Iranian-Canadian journalist detained in Iran for 118 days, mostly for his coverage of the 2009 elections, but in part for appearing on Stewart's The Daily Show.

What do you think? It looks intense but interesting and informative. Honestly, I could stare at Gael Garcia Bernal for days, so if nothing else, Jon Stewart proves he can pick a solid story and great star.

[via /Film]

Clip from Pixar's "Lava"!

Disney and Pixar are pulling out all the stops to show us their new material. From Big Hero 6 to Inside Out to Feast, and now Lava, we're getting all kinds of fun animated sneak previews.

Here's the clip from Lava, courtesy of Yahoo:

It looks very sweet, and I love the colors. The music feels a bit fast, but I wonder if that was just for this clip's sake - it may feel more fluid in context.

Can't wait to see it!

#Shonda + #Mindy = #BestShowEver!

Shonda Rhimes will appear on The Mindy Project. She will play - of course - herself.

Once I watch that episode, my life will be complete.

Get ready for a new definition of time: BSAM (Before Shonda And Mindy) and ASAM (After Shonda And Mindy).

[via HuffPo]

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

FIrst Look at Disney Short, "Feast"

Goodness gracious - just take one gander at how flipping adorable this little B-Terrier is in Disney's new short, Feast. What a cute wee beastie!

Who wouldn't want to squeeze that little pup? What a cutie. I can't wait to watch it when it comes out along with Big Hero 6 this November!

[via /Film]

Riley from "Inside Out" First Look!!

I'm SUPER excited about Pixar's new movie, Inside Out, even if it isn't going to be released until next year, and look how adorable the setting is!

Looks like Riley's just moved into her new place and is happy to be there. Or is she?

Moving is rough. It's exciting to see what the world looks like outside of Riley's brain, but I'm also excited to see more of what's inside it!

There's a full sneak peak video at Disney Movies Anywhere (you have to login, but it's free). Enjoy!

[via /Film and Pixar Times]

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Glen Keane's "Duet" is a wonderful short film

I love a good short film - and I love a good short animated film even more. This short, Duet, from legendary Disney animator Glen Keane (think: Ariel, Tarzan - which you can really see in the male character - Pocahontas, Aladdin, Rapunzel) is simple and beautiful. If you're not an animation lover, you'll enjoy the story and the music. If you are an animation lover, you will see why this guy is a master of the art:

So pure and lovely. And, needless to say, the hand-drawn quality is so refreshing.

Here's a synopsis (though why do you really need one of a short? I have no idea):
Animated in its entirety and directed by Glen Keane (former Disney animator and creator of such beloved characters as Ariel, Beast, Aladdin, Pocahontas, Tarzan and Rapunzel), DUET tells the story of Mia and Tosh and how their individual paths in life weave together to create an inspired duet. The unique, interactive nature of the story allows the viewer to seamlessly follow the journey of either of the two characters from birth to adulthood.
And here's a cool "making of" video:

[via /Film]

Surprise: Homeless People Are People

In this heartbreaking video called "Cardboard Stories" from the group Rethinking Homelessness, homeless people in Orlando share an interesting, hopeful, sad, and sometimes surprising fact about themselves:

You can read more about Rethinking Homelessness' goals and history at their website.

[via Neatorama]

Cosmos-politan and Naked Cosmos = 2 Things I'd Watch

There's been a lot of faux-Cosmos buzz lately and I just want to say that I would read/watch all of them because Neil deGrasse Tyson is such a boss.


Naked Cosmos

Cosmos Drunk/Stoned

Such the boss.

Jane Austen Characters "Against" Feminism

Not sure if you've heard of the anger-inducing meme going around "women against feminism." It's super frustrating, but the blog Mansfeel Park did a fun takedown using Jane Austen characters. You can read more hilariously dumb male commentary-turned-comic at their site. Here's their Jane Austen Characters Against Feminism:

[Via HuffPo]

Go watch "Garfunkel and Oates" NOW!

You can watch the first episode of IFC's new Garfunkel and Oates show on RIGHT NOW! Why are you still reading this? You could be watching an amazing musical parody takedown of sports!! And the regular non-musical plot is super funny, too. Yep, I'm digging this show.

Ask a Grown Man: Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert did a "Ask a Grown" segment for Rookie Magazine. In it, he gives advice on talking to your dad about sex, how to let boys know you don't like misogynistic jokes, and how to tell if someone likes you (and therefore, in turn, how to let someone know you like them). Check it out:

For reals - we could all stand to be a little less selfish and bring a little more cookies.

Puppies Rolling Down a Hill

Excellent YouTube curation here, I've got to say. This video is the perfect combination of childhood summertime nostalgia + adorable puppies:

My favorites have to be the dog who's too fat to properly roll and the golden retriever puppies who refuse to let go of their toys while they're rolling. Ah, to be young and also a dog!

[via Jezebel]

Shonda Rhimes #ThankGodItsThursday

Hey! It IS Thursday! Must be why ABC dropped this gem on us:

Can we handle a three-hour block of every-act-break-the-world-blows-up-insanity? Who knows! But we're going to give it a shot! I love that Shonda is owning this. I love that her leads are right there with her. I love that I will get to see Viola Davis chew the shit out of the scenery on my TV every week. That is brilliant. It's so weird. I used to love Thursdays for comedy, but now I'm getting pumped to love Thursdays for drama. So. Much. Drama.

Take me to Shondaland.

[via Jezebel]

Notorious RBG Owns her Notoriety

Ruth Bader Ginsburg knows we adoringly refer to her as Notorious RBG and loves it. She said as much in an interview with Katie Couric for Yahoo News. If you aren't familiar with the meme, check out the Notorious RBG Tumblr and see why we love this boss Supreme Court Justice.

[via Jezebel]

Misty Copeland Dances Like Some Crazy Dream

Misty Copeland judged the So You Think You Can Dance for the last three weeks, and she was pretty harsh. From her resume (American Ballet Theater soloist), you can understand why, but it wasn't until I watched her in action that I was like - holy shit:

That first lift looks like something is literally pulling her up or like she's gently entering into Zero G. And from then her movements are so fluid and her muscles are INSANE - her calves! How do you even make calves look like that!?

You can read more about the ad campaign the commercial was promoting over at Jezebel or whatever, but frankly I'd rather just watch Misty dance. Woman can dance.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Great News! Donating a Kidney Does NOT Affect Lifespan!

I'm pretty sure we already knew this, but another study has confirmed that donating a kidney - even in older patients - does not increase risk of death or heart disease.

Let's all go celebrate by donating a kidney*!

*Unless you already have donated a kidney or have a donated kidney inside of you.

Kristen Bell Deserves a Mary Poppins Reboot

Ok, Mary Poppins isn't getting a reboot (nor should it!), but Kristen Bell is crazy convincing in this parody in favor of a minimum wage increase:

The kids were also scarily on-the-nose. I think we've reached the Uncanny Valley of musical movie parody. Also, it's pretty funny and I love watching KB show off her singing chops.

[via The Hairpin]

NYT's "What's In It?"

Once you get past the hyper-produced graphics, there is some serious shit to be learned in this video series by Michael Moss and the New York Times. The first lesson? Apparently there was a thing called "Cookie Dough Oreos"

Other things I learned: uncooked flour can make you sick (I never knew this one and now I'm somewhat terrified), and this whole "Permissions" marketing strategy. It's creepy and I don't like it, but at the same time I did eat a lot of "banana pudding ice cream" when we were in Pawley's Island, but I think it did have some legit banana pudding, whipped cream, and 'Nilla wafers in it. Then again, maybe I just imagined them?

Ladies Can Write Marvel Movies, Too!?!

Apparently so! The co-writer of Guardians of the Galaxy opening this week is Nicole Perlman. Considering this is her first produced movie, her career is starting off on a pretty high note. The enormous amount of praise the movie's been getting before its release couldn't hurt, either. Let's hope that a) the movie lives up to the hype and b) Marvel takes the hint and continues to invest in this and other writers who happen to be women. Considering that women make up a majority of moviegoers these days, I'd say it's a smart investment. You can read an interview with Nicole at THR.

Awww, "Potterhood"

I saw Boyhood two weeks ago. It really felt like growing up. I don't love every Richard Linklater film (I think Waking Life only works if you're stoned), but I felt like this movie was well-suited to what he does well: capture a mood. The mood was "growing up" for both children and parents. It captured Texas well (nice shout out to the Dallas World Aquarium, even if they were supposed to be in Houston), and sometimes it's nice to have a movie where the biggest conflicts are "just feeling shitty" or "not knowing how to act around my parents" or "frustration at my kids for not appreciating me" and the normal story beats of "kid makes a bad choice > terrible consequence" aren't there. It's a real slice of life film if slice of life films were actually realistic. Of course, there is drama in one sequence, which I won't spoil, but the overall tone is much more subtle.

And all of that is to say that as much as I enjoyed the film in its two hours and forty minutes of nostalgia, I enjoyed this mash-up of Boyhood and the eight Harry Potter movies just as much:

[via /Film]

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Please, Adopt-A-Dude Today

Speaking of incompetent men (re: "just one of the guys"), here's a super fun satire of today's male youth:

I'd say that's about right, except weirdly enough my husband is a WAY more put-together human being than I am. I mean, he wouldn't have to Google "incompetent" just to make sure he spelled it correctly.

[via The Hairpin]

Jessica Williams in: "Operation Black Hair"

Jessica Williams, killing it again:

I was #blessed to be born super white, so I've never had to deal with any of these hair issues, but after watching this segment (and Chris Rock's amazing documentary, Good Hair) I am super pissed at these hairstyle regulations. Nobody should have to spend that much time on their hair unless they really want to or are getting paid gobs and gobs of cash.

Jenny Lewis. "Just One of the Guys"

I haven't been super into music videos since the late '90s, excepting each new OK Go mind-meld, so I was not expecting much when the internet exploded over how fun the new video for Jenny Lewis "Just One of the Guys" was, especially when it seemed all the hype was over gaping at actresses Anne Hathaway, Kristen Stewart, and Brie Larson in drag. I should not have doubted the internet hype.

It really is good, isn't it? Strangely mesmerizing, and by far the best performance I've ever seen Kristen Stewart give. The guy can smile! Clearly, Kristen just need to forever perform as a guy and everyone will love her.

[via HuffPo]

Speaking of Satanists, Tina Fey's a Witch!

Or at least she is set to produce and star in a Disney witch-themed movie. Considering the last, great Disney + witches big screen pair up was Hocus Pocus (which this is not a sequel of), I'd say it's about time for a new Halloween classic. I can't wait to read more about it and then eventually watch the movie!

[via /Film]

Satanists, Pretty Cool People

Satanists are at it again. First, it was erecting a giant statue of Baphomet in the Oklahoma capitol. Now, they're turning the Hobby Lobby ruling on its head, saying that they should be exempt from the restrictive, anti-choice "informed consent" laws all around the country on the basis that their religion is based in scientific fact, and therefore they cannot abide by laws that are based on fear, junk, and political bias. In their words:
 In response to what The Satanic Temple have dubbed a “pernicious encroachment” of “informed consent” laws regarding abortion, the organization is asserting a religious exemption from the burden of state­mandated “informational” abortion materials for those who share their deeply held beliefs. According to their website, “The Satanic Temple believes that the body is inviolable ­­ subject to one’s own will alone.” Further, “we strive to make all decisions regarding personal health based on the best scientific understanding of the world, regardless of the religious or political beliefs of others.” (Full Statement)
It's a simple, powerful argument, and one the Satanists agree that any woman should make when presented with these informed consent requirements. Unlike Hobby Lobby, Satanists are starting to make a lot of sense. Who knew?

[via Jezebel]

Monday, July 28, 2014

Comic Con: Women Who Kick Ass Panel

Well, this is refreshing. How exciting that Comic Con had another "Women Who Kick Ass" panel! EW, which hosted the panel, understandably has a great write-up on it, which included my super favorite Nicole Beharie from Sleepy Hollow, Natalie Dormer and Maisie Williams represented the Game of Thrones ladies (I suppose Gwendoline Christie and Diana Rigg were busy!), and Tatiana Maslany represented her insane string of characters from Orphan Black. That's pretty much the only panel I wish I could have seen in person, if only to be there for comments like these:
Dormer should always be the one to explain Game of Thrones to new fans: “Game of Thrones shows you all the different ways you can wield power: Whether it’s psychological, physical, sexual, dragons,” Dormer said. “I think we’d all go for the dragons if we were given the choice. But that’s the secret of the writing, that’s why it’s such a compelling show—because it shows how different people are given different weapons, physically and metaphorically, and how they use them.”
You can read more at EW! It sounds like it really did kick ass.

Comic Con: Hunger Games Mockingjay Trailer Released!

My favorite part of Comic Con? The trailers! In addition to the new Hobbit trailer, we also got a proper trailer for the new Hunger Games Mockingjay, Part 1 (that's a mouthful of a title) movie, coming out later this year:

That's a smaller, more ragged District 13 than I imagined, but maybe they're saving their money for crazier things down the line? I know I'll be watching.

[via /Film]

Comic Con: New "Game of Thrones" Cast Members!

Looks like we're going to spend some time in Dorne next season on Game of Thrones. Most of the new cast members are from the fictional southern land. Winter may be coming, but down there it still looks pretty hot (though sadly missing its hottest star, Oberyn).

I'm interested to see what they do here. QUASI-VAGUE SPOILERS AHEAD: Trystane is barely mentioned and never really seen in the books, and Myrcella's part in everything is brief, as well, so I'm curious how and why they decided to beef up that storyline. Like others, I'm bummed that Arianne hasn't been cast, suggesting they've cut her storyline entirely. Since her storyline was the majority of the Dorne plot, I'm not really sure what they're going to do down there at all now. On the bright side, no new Greyjoys. Theon and Yara (Asha) are plenty for me.

Comic Con: Stephen Colbert Surprises Everyone! Also the new Hobbit trailer

Guess who popped up to lead The Hobbit panel at Comic Con last weekend? That's right! The split-second scene-stealing Shifty-Eyed Lake-Town Spy himself! Vulture has the full text of Stephen's remarks. As is appropriate for anything relating to Tolkien, it's epic.

Oh, and here's the new trailer for The Hobbit: Battle of Five Armies. Or, as I call it, The Hobbit: We Fleshed Out All the Crazy-Enormous Battles that Tolkien Kind of Breezed Over Because, Hey, It Was Supposed to Be a Kid's Book.