Wednesday, March 31, 2010

New Puppy-Infused Website

Thanks to Alex for showing me the way to future puppy lands. This is a both humor and adorable-infused website devoted to puppies. Of course, it's A Place to Love Dogs. Enjoy, world!

Also, to show my undying devotion to The Daily Puppy, I've posted Nala, the wrinkly-as-all-get-out Boxer. Enjoy!

How is this Not an Elaborate April Fools' Joke?

I know that TV Squad mentioned it earlier, but I'm mentioning (or shouting) it again - How is this not an April Fools' Joke? Seriously? Come on!

This Game is Killing my Life

Fat Slice is a vicious game. It may not have a time limit, but it somehow still seems to inflict pain on me every time I play - you have to be so careful in order to slice off the edges! And if you touch the wrong thing it makes you start the whole level over, even if you just have a tiny bit left!

Can any of you master this horribly painful (also horribly addictive) game?

Personally, I prefer Mental Flosses' Brain Games - at least I don't have to slice anything, and if I give up I can just click a button to figure out the answer.

PS. The Math Squares are my favorite - probably because, like Sudoku, there is a right answer and if you just keep guessing, you'll figure it out.

Stark Sands: Future Star Now! By Alex Symonds

My friend Alex wrote a NY Observer article about my family's friend (and super actor) Stark Sands. He's in a new musical called "American Idiot," based on the Green Day album. But why should I tell you guys all this? Read it for yourself!

My friends are so successful!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

New Blog Shout Out! Liz's Fourth!

If blogs were Shrek movies, this one would be called Liz's Ever After.

Liz, author of the elite Bear O' Serious, the 'elightful Bear O' Snark, and the brief but much-beloved Daily Roo, has come up with yet another way to get our brain-bots thinking and our stomach-bots laughing with her third blog, In Space, No One Can Hear Ice Cream.

Check it out! Ice Cream (or should I call it In Space?) is filled with short posts about everything ranging from health care to whom Liz feels like that day.

Fun for everyone abounds at Space Cream!

From Funny to Sad

Two years ago, I wrote a (hilarious!) sketch about using IM (Instant Messaging) as the forum for a presidential debate. My button (the last joke of the scene) was that next week Facebook would host the debate.

Apparently, I was right.

There are plenty of things wrong with America, but I don't think I ever thought I'd see the day when ridiculous, absurd jokes* about politics would come true.

*The Underwear Bomber comment from three or four years ago on The Daily Show as well as corporate sponsorship of elections on The Colbert Report just to name a few more...

What Do You See When You're on the Pot?

I pose this question because sitting in the bathroom doing your business can be pretty boring. A lot of people read on the toilet, but, come on, I work with a lot of people in not so spacious quarters. Like Marshall in "How I Met Your Mother," I'd be embarrassed to announce to everyone that I'm going to go to the bathroom by carrying a magazine.

So until someone installs a well-stocked magazine rack in every bathroom in my building (and everywhere), I will continue to resort to my tried-and-true method of distraction: seeing what animals are hiding in the tiles on the bathroom floor, ceiling, and/or wall. It's like when you see shapes in the clouds, except instead of taking a break from your picnic and lying in the grass staring at the clouds with your boyfriend, you're in a bathroom staring at floor tiles trying not to think about what your body is up to at the moment. But you can pretend to be lying in the grass!

Personally, I think it's a fun challenge to try and see how many animals, objects, and characters you can find. Plus, you had the added challenge that, unlike clouds, tiles don't move and, depending on the bathroom, are identical to each other - seeing new things every time is certainly a difficult task!

Things I saw on my most recent trip:

1) Dumbo mid-flight, ears raised
2) A bunny
3) A little girl mole wearing reading glasses with a bow in her hair reminiscient of the characters in the "Arthur" book series.

What have you guys seen? What do you all do when you're bored on the pot?

Sunday, March 28, 2010

PS. Merton Has Returned

AKA the Chatroulette piano guy that Ben Folds was homage'ing. His 2nd video is out. How much fun!

I Love Ben Folds (Not Just in the Mid-90s)

Remember that awesome Chatroulette piano playing man I posted a few weeks ago?

Well, as an homage to him (and to the fact that a person thought he, in fact, was Ben Folds), Ben [insert hyperbolic curse word for awesomeness] Folds Chatroulette sang for people in a concert in Charlotte.

How kick ass is that?

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Life as We Know It is on Discovery

I think I just had a naturegasm.

This is going to be so good. I don't know about you guys, but I can't wait.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

An Historic Moment! 100 Nate's Cartoons!

We have made it, America.

We have seen the mountaintop and it is funny.

Nate's 100th cartoon is up in all its shoe-related glory.

Enjoy, World, enjoy.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Smile! Smile! Smile!

This was by far the best way to procrastinate tonight. Enjoy!

Voice in the Vent

Voice in the Vent (VITV): Shut up! I'm going to vote for my idol!

Unknown friend of VITV (UFOVITV): Wha?

VITV: I think I'm going to vote for Katie Stevens. She was good, right?

UFOVITV: Are you on drugs? She sounded like a sick horse answering the phone.

VITV: Whatever, I like Aaron even though he's cute, but I don't think he's going to win.

UFOVITV: Oh my God, Didi's a freak!

VITV: If I was on the show, I'd sing "Under My Thumb," which is a song (muffled) (more muffling) I'd grow like a tree but they keep chopping me down! (muffled) Under my thumb WOOO! Sing it with me! Oh my god, oh my god! (muffled) Oh! I think I'm going to stay with my alcoholic cousin at the wedding.

(incoherent shouting)

VITV (Cont): Oh my god, get the phone! Your boyfriend's calling! (singing) You're boyfriend's calling while you're at your best friend's house! Got to go be with him the whole night through!


... Clearly, "American Idol" + Alcohol + UFOVITV +VITV = Sing-Shouting Chaos.

Stop What You're Doing and Look at this Puppy

Seriously. Every picture of Percy the Dachshund makes me want to squeeze him until his ears become a part of my hands (yeah, I said it and I meant it - deal with it!).

His owners really hit it home on these photos - you've got adorable shy puppy (pictured above), and then when you click on his link you've got: tiny puppy holding giant piece of bark in sand, curled up puppy looking back at you as if to say "What? I'm trying to sleep in these enormous sheets!", puppy looking up in curiosity/hunger, puppy scratching ear (always a winner), puppy running in sand WHILE licking his lips, and finally...

Tiny puppy sleeping while spooning a tinier stuffed monkey and smiling at the same time.

You're welcome, Readers. It just doesn't get any better than that.

Kiva Update: They're Pretty Legit!

I just received an email from Kiva Fellow Maia Pelleg today because one of my loans is to a man in Ghana.

In what I would call a thorough and open email, Maia let me (along with all the other Ghana lenders) know that the field partner there, Sinapi Aba Trust, was not quite doing its job. While they were trying very hard to maintain their loans correctly, their lack of organization had caused a number of loans to be duplicated. In addition, some loan amounts and terms of the loans on the Kiva website were incorrect.

Maia went on to apologize for these malfunctions and took full responsibility for their correction. She claims that she is working with SAT to bring them back up to Kiva code, ensuring that everyone who needs loans are getting them, and that we in the States are going to get the right information as to the status of our loans.

While I cannot by any means prove that Maia's work is going according to plan, I can say that I am proud that the people at Kiva are fessing up to their mistakes, taking full responsibility for them, and trying their best to amend them. When I listened to a "Stuff You Should Know" podcast about microlending, I remembered hearing horror stories of some small microloaning institutions acting just as cruelly and in a self-serving manner as the biggest of banks. That's just not right, and that's not what microlending is about.

Kiva, it seems, is trying to stay on the right side of the microlending aisle, and for that, I'm sticking with them.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Texas, Honey, Why Do You Hurt Me So?

First, read this.

Next, read this.

Finally, think about how much we're screwing over our kids, Texas Board of Education. I was lucky enough to go to one of the best private schools in Texas (certainly the best in Dallas, in my opinion). There, I gained a fabulous education through compassionate teachers who all helped give me a comprehensive view of history, English, all kinds of science, math, Spanish, the arts, and even the vague concept of "Wellness" (I went to an all-girls' school so God forbid we have body image issues or don't know the proper way to use free weights).

My teachers could choose whatever textbook they wanted. Even then, though, they noted inaccuracies, omissions, and chapters that simply seemed unnecessary. Fortunately, they provided us with outside sources, primary and secondary sources, and other great learning tools to make sure we mastered the subject with or without the textbook's help.

How many other kids are so lucky? How many teachers care so much and are willing to take so much time to make sure their students are engaged, and how many will simply teach to the text regardless of what it states?

Just something to think about. Though I will admit, I still have my AP European History textbook (my teacher's favorite). Now that's a good read.

Friday, March 12, 2010

This is Adorable... And Would Never Work in New York

It's official: People from Minnesota are nice.

This probably has to do with the fact that it's so miserably cold up there that everyone has to huddle together for warmth. When you're that close together, it doesn't pay to be a jerk - that's when you get shoved out of the hug circle into the cold with only your igloo or SUV to warm you (note: I have never been to Minnesota - it's in the Arctic, right?).

Anyway, these Minnesotans picked up on that super nice Pennsylvania diner thing (remember that? If not, click here) and were like, "Woah, WOAH - Nobody beats us at being nice or they get moose syrup in their eyes!" (seriously note: never been to Minnesota - was Fargo shot there?)

So they decided to get Crazy Nice on everyone's asses and perform 1,000 random acts of kindness over one month. Then they beat their own goal and performed 1,300.

Acts of Kindness included: (Bylines Written By New Yorkers)

- "Cleaned a very dirty and smelly microwave out for others." (By someone who got sick of the microwave at the office)

- "
My son left his wallet at the pump at holiday gas station. A customer brought it, the attendant called me. Nothing was taken." (By someone who hates free money)

- "Grabbed a salad dressing off the top shelf at the grocery store for an elderly couple." (By someone who then bought it and used it himself, right? Old people have great taste in salad dressing. It's one of the few things they can still eat. Bet it was tasty.)

- "I gave someone a package of brownies to have because she was having a bad day." (By someone who hates that B for being so darn skinny.)

And that's why this could never happen in New York. Though it would be nice.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

World Kidney Day!

Who knew that today was World Kidney Day?

I just found out!

Anyway, sing the high heavens about this wondrous organ and if you have diabetes, hypertension, etc etc etc (the list goes on!) make sure your kidneys are still kicking it healthy-style.

Anyone want to have a kidney party? I don't quite know what it would be, but it would probably involve misshapen balloons and organ-shaped beans.

Doctor Me This: How Many Mutations Caused Your Disease?

Apparently, just four out of 3 billion "units in the human genome" (what is a genetic unit anyway, NY Times?) can cause a genetic disorder.

I win!

Clearly, I should start playing the lottery.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Donating a Kidney = Super Safe

For all those naysayers out there (if there are any)

Read this.

A huge study concludes that donating a kidney is a safe procedure for the donors. The article does not go into a lot of detail (lame), but the study was huge (80,000+ people) and if it actually studies who it claims to study, it studied my aunt's stats (which are great), as well.

The article notes that the procedure is slightly less safe for donors who have hypertension, so it probably would be a good idea for those hypertensive patients looking to donate to make sure their condition is under strict control before going under the knife.

BAM! We did it! We proved what we all long hoped (and intuitively knew) - living donor kidney transplants are safer for the transplant patient and safe for the donor.

Long live kidney donors!

UPDATE! Here is a more thorough article from Scientific American on the same study, with links to the doctor and center where it was carried out.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Helping Out, Kiva Green Style!

Hey guys!

So here's a little update from the world of Kiva, my micro-loan website of choice. If you're like me, when you loan out your $25, you want it to go to someone who will not only stimulate his or her local economy, but also (if they can) help out his or her local environment.

Unfortunately, Kiva does not have a lot of eco-friendly loans on its website often (it can be expensive to go green sometimes). However, here to help is the Kiva team in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia! Now, if you're like me, you've never hear of Ulaanbaatar, and you think I have a weird twitch that's making me put extra A's in everything. Not true! It's along about the same latitude as the Washington/Canadian border, but it's a lot colder. I'm talking -30 degrees. Also, it really does have 5 A's in its name. What up with that?

Because of this, the people living there need a lot of heat, but heating their homes has turned Ulaanbaatar into one of the most polluted villages in the world (or at least in Mongolia). Here to help are the Eco Products team of XacBank in Mongolia. They produce all kinds of alternative heating methods that help out the planet and lower heating costs. Hooray! Plus, everything is made locally in Mongolia, so it still spurs their economy.

Apparently, they mainly post these types of loans in the Fall, so we may have to wait a while to get a green loan going, but stay on the lookout!

You can read all about Ulaanaatar and Eco Products' solutions here.

Seriously, How Can You Not Want One?

Come on, My Boyfriend, how can you not want a Goldendoodle? They're adorable and practically a Golden Retriever but without the hassle of shedding! (For more pictures of Macy here, check out The Daily Puppy's Grown-Up Puppy section)

Seriously, get on the boat, because we're totally getting one once we have a big backyard (which, considering we live in New York, will probably be in 20 years).

I'll wait.

Shiba Inu's Take Manhattan!

1) Shiba Inu's are taking over Manhattan. There are roughly 3 that live in my building alone.

2) The surprise is not that they are everywhere. The surprise is that they've taken so long to go viral. They're so adorable!

3) Just look at Hisa from The Daily Puppy. Don't you just want to squeeze her face?

4) Fact: If you do not want to squeeze her face (or at least her ears or paws), you have no soul.

5) Sometimes having lists for no reason is fun!

Sunday, March 7, 2010


Where did the word "wheelhouse" come from and why do we still use it?

I'm just saying, who's ever heard of a house made entirely of wheels? Or a place that only makes wheels?

Come on, English, come on.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Whirlwind Weekend!

I've got a crazy hectic weekend planned, but rest assured, readers, I have a whole bunch of great posts swirling around in the old noggin just waiting to be written.

Some hints:
- More great news for transplant patients... I think!
- More videos of adorable animals being friends with each other!
- Squirrels still want to kill us, those greedy little jerks!
- Why we need to pass Health Care Reform now, and what could have been!
- Puppies!!

So get excited, but don't get so excited that you sit at your computer the whole weekend waiting for me to post, because I ain't posting shniz til Monday!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Why 30 Rock (The Show) Exists

I just realized why "30 Rock" exists.

Tina Fey wanted to create a one-camera sitcom. She didn't want to do a family comedy, so she couldn't do something centered around the house. She doesn't have an office job, so she couldn't do a normal workplace comedy. She doesn't drink, so she couldn't do a bar-centric comedy. She isn't silly enough to try and remake "Friends," so she didn't place it in a coffee shop.

So she took what she knew - TV, and went with that.

How did I figure this out? I just went through the exact same process in my head.

(Though, of course, now I have to cross Backstage TV World off my list, too. Hmm... what else can I do?)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Enjoy 3-2-1-0 for the Next Hour

Take a look at the calendar. Today, March 2, 2010 is 3-2-10.


Voice in the Vent

Tonight, the VITV is singing loudly (and presumably proudly) along with the Backstreet Boys.

Just thought you should know.

Happy March! Celebrate with these Awesome Dogs!

Alex from Internette just sent me this amazing video. Purina ad part aside, this is incredibly photography and really captures the beauty and essence of dogs. I love them so much!