Saturday, June 30, 2012

Thank you for a Corgdial June!

Sorry, I just really wanted to post this adorable photo of two corgis in the grass and didn't really know how to lead into it.


Also, this:

The Bitch List: A New Black List?

There's a new list of industry scripts about to run around town, and it's called "The Bitch List" a list of industry-voted scripts that all pass the Bechdel Test. Of course, the Bechdel Test is not a marker for quality, but for scripts that simply contain two named, female characters who talk to each other about something that is not a man. It sounds like an easy test, but most movies don't pass it. PopChange is currently compiling the list to have ready for January 2013. Who knows how many submissions they'll get, if any, or how good the scripts they receive will be, or if the list itself will gain any sort of traction or interest around town or even the internets. That being said, it's a pretty interesting concept, and I hope it goes well.

Best of luck, bitches!

[via ThinkProgress]

How to Help Women and Men Have At Least Some of It All

First, read the Atlantic article, "Why Women Still Can't Have It All" and then come on back if you're super frustrated because it's nuts that women have fought for so long to achieve equality and yet we're still so far behind on having fulfilling careers and families at the same time. While the article's author has some clues and ideas about how we can begin to change the workplace to better suit a higher percentage of women in higher percentages of power, this ThinkProgress article cites four policies that would start to make that change:

1) Paid family and medical leave insurance
2) Paid sick days
3) Right to request workplace flexibility
4) Equal pay

The fact that these are not already in place in the States is absurd. I'm sure if you live in Europe and are reading this, you're like - seriously? We did all this twenty years ago. Unfortunately, the US is not so progressive in that way. Let's hope we can begin to make these changes soon.

Starry Night in Dominos

I really don't think the idea of recreating Starry Night in Domino form is all that exciting, but it's the way that this guy made the dominos fall that really sells it. Great job, HRH flippycat!

[via Gawker]

Fun Size Trailer!!

I know the guy who wrote this and he is a delight which means this movie will also probably be a delight! Check out the trailer:

Fun Size looks really good, right? I say this not just because it was my nickname in high school (though that is also true). And it stars that super funny woman from "Suburgatory" and I heard that either Garfunkel or Oates from Garfunkel and Oates has a cameo or some sort of role in it, too! Also, it looks like Nickelodeon movies might be on a roll here - last year's Rango was fantastic and this looks like another (albeit totally different direction) great addition.

[via VideoGum]

Frankenweenie Trailer!

If you're not already excited about Frankenweenie, check out why you should be with this new trailer:

Stop-motion? Yes. Adorable dog? Yes. Adorable dog coming back from the dead in what is secretly every child's (and adults') dream? Yes. With hilarious and heartwarming and probably heartbreaking consequences? Yes, please!

[via /Film]

Harrey Podder: Legitly Funny Fan Parody

First off, love that this is animated - wouldn't work at all if it wasn't. Second off, definitely do not show this to the kids. Wouldn't want to scar them for life! I mean, maybe kids' animation shows a lot of blood nowadays, I don't really know, but still, there's a lot a blood. Third off, it's legitimately funny! Bravo, Stodoe Studios, bravo!

[via Neatorama]

Flavorwire's Supercut of TV Love Confessions

While I don't agree with Flavorwire's assertion that these are the best confessions of love on TV (I don't even like a lot of the shows they cut from, and where are Logan and Veronica!?), this is super fun to watch and may make you super goopy-eyed.


[via Mental Floss]

Nora Ephron

As you all know, Nora Ephron passed away this week at age 71, leaving a great hole in the hearts of those who love beautifully written romantic comedies, essays, and memoirs. A lot of people wrote a lot of things about her that are much more thorough and astute than I can, so here are some of my favorite thoughts of the life of this amazing woman:

Remembering Nora Ephron, and How Her Essays Made Her Movies Better, Alyssa Rosenberg, ThinkProgress

In Memoriam: Nora Ephron (1941 - 2012), Scott Myers, GITS (full of great videos and interviews)

RIP, Nora Ephron (or: Nora Ephron is gone, and she was perfect), Nicole Cliffe, The Hairpin

For myself, I can only say that "When Harry Met Sally" is an absolutely perfect romantic comedy and one of my favorite movies of all time. Every time I watch it, I notice some new detail, some new callback, some new character beat that teaches me how intricate and layered a great movie needs to be. It also proves that not all New York comedy needs to be cynical even if they incorporate drama and well-drawn characters. Optimism, if cautious and earned, can be just as intelligent and rewarding a choice. And, of course, she was one of the first film writers I heard of who was a woman and, better yet, who wrote comedies. She set an amazing example and lived an amazing life. I never knew her, but I will miss her stories.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Dog and Dolphin are (more than?) Friends


Really went in for the kill(er smootch) there! A bold move!

[via A Place to Love Dogs]

The Happiest Whale on Earth

It's so happy, it's spouting rainbows!

Like seeing a real-life unicorn.

[via Neatorama]

Gorgeous Aurora in Oregon Photo

Seeing the Aurora is definitely on my bucket list, and if I can see one like Brad Goldpaint (very appropriately named!) captured in Oregon, that would be incredible. What amazing colors and light!

[via MSNBC]

The Dogs are Coming! The Dogs are Coming!

Who doesn't love dogs bounding with energy? Presumably the people who had to get them back into their kennel!

[via A Place to Love Dogs]

Animated Short: Night Light

Here's another lovely animated piece, a short this time. Very beautiful stuff by Qing Han for her senior animation project. Best of luck, Qing!

[via Neatorama]

Wacky New Animated Show: Isle of Spagg Pilot

This is just about the weirdest pilot I've ever seen, animated or not! But I was strangely drawn into it. The animation is lovely and the characters are actually really fun to root for. Who knew? I hope it gets turned into a full series, but if not, this pilot is a lovely piece on its own.

[via Neatorama]

Simon's Cat: Window Pain

Aww, Simon's cat. Always cute. Always causing trouble. Always wanting foods!

[via Neatorama]

Dachshund v Crab

Too adorable! I was so worried about the dachshund's little nosy getting clipped, but she does a good job of keeping her distance!

[via Neatorama]

Brendan Hurley, of The Colbert Report: Coolest Prop Master Ever!

Hey, I know this guy!

My friend (and one of the hardest-working people I know) just got this awesome write-up in Martha Stewart Living!

He's a wonderful, incredibly talented guy, and I'm so happy he's gotten this great recognition for all the excellent work he does.

Go, Brendan!


Sorry for all the posts, there's so much to be said!

Politico has a great, quick write-up of the five biggest misconceptions about the individual mandate. 

Most importantly, it only affects 1% of people in Massachussetts, and the most they can penalize you is $700 or 2% of your income which, while no small amount of money, is not a huge tax increase, and is actually less than how much the GOP would raise taxes on the middle class if they were to pass the Ryan budget. Just saying!

Stand with Obama on Healthcare

PS. If you'd like to show your support for the President and the Affordable Care Act, you can sign a protition (positive petition!) at ThinkProgress to send to your congress person.

"Epic" Trailer

Looks like a super cute, Fern Gully-esque (though maybe lighter on the environmental angle and heavier on the fantasy angle) adventure into tiny creatures and their tiny battles!

Could be really fun!

[via Big Screen Animation]

Harry Potter Theme on Wine Glasses

Going to take a breather go light for the next round of posts, including this delightful (thought sometimes tinny) rendition of the Harry Potter theme on wineglasses!

[via Neatorama]

Wow that Was Intense, Let's Look at a Poodle!

Here's today's Daily Puppy, Rhea the Poodle mix! So cute!! She looks kind of like a Muppet.

Going Forward after the SCOTUS ACA Ruling

(i.e. the politics, how the law will play out, and what this means for further healthcare reforms in the future!)

Impacts on future SCOTUS decisions, TPM

The legitimacy/illegitimacy of the GOP tax attacks (and there will be many!), TPM

More on the "tax hike" that currently only affects 1% of MA residents, ThinkProgress

Implementing the law, Politico

Can (or will) Obama boost the popularity of the ACA going forward? Scientific American

Thoughts on how the Medicaid expansion will shake down, ProPublica

Important Reactions to the SCOTUS ACA Ruling

President Obama, TPM

Michelle Obama, Politico

Nancy Pelosi, The Hill

Brian Beutler, TPM (this guy got it right back in March!)

SCOTUS ACA Good News (minus the politics)

Josh Marshall at TPM's thoughts

The Krugster (Paul Krugman) over at NYT's thoughts

Eugene Robinson at the Washington Post (via Real Clear Politics)

How the ACA helps women at ThinkProgress

How the ACA helps the economy at ThinkProgress

The Pop Culture SCOTUS ACA Thoughts

The comments section on The Hairpin is always refreshing (everyone's so nice!)

ThinkProgress' Alyssa Rosenberg cites Severus Snape, and is therefore my favorite.

The SCOTUS ACA Opinion

You can read the full opinion in all its legalese glory at TPM.

Thoughts on the SCOTUS ACA Ruling

I was going to title this "Everything You Need to Know" but I already wrote that earlier! The Affordable Care Act was ruled constitutional, which means that starting in 2014, adults with pre-existing conditions (like kidney disease or acne or having been pregnant) cannot be denied coverage or have their coverage dropped. Healthcare will be more affordable and tens of millions more people with have it. Preventative care will be free (and birth control!) and the health exchanges will help individuals  who are self-employed or who's employers have fewer than fifty employees receive insurance. Young adults like me can stay on our parents' health insurance until we're twenty-six (since I've been enjoying that part of the law already, I have immediate reason to be happy it didn't get oveturned!).

We had one great day back in February of 2010, and we're having another one here in June of 2012.

Was it perfect? No. The limited reading of the Commerce Clause may (or may not!) cause problems in the future, and the limitations of the Medicaid expansion are disconcerting (although most states will fall in line, the hardcore Republican ones will probably take many more years to fully cooperate). But just remember - it could have been so much worse.

I'm really happy today, and I hope you are, too. Enjoy it.

In my next few posts, I'm going to give you lots of different areas and readings of today's news. You can take or leave what you will. The most important things have already been said.


Affordable Care Act LIVES!!!!!!!

More to come later.