Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Twilight: The Game

Yep, that about sums it up.

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Happy Leap Day!

Woo! It's like Daylight Savings Time's bonus hour except for a whole day!

What did you guys do? Did you do something crazy and/or illegal because it doesn't count? Did someone offer you $20 million to sleep with him ala Liz Lemon? I went to work and then wrote some blog posts! Clearly, I lead a most thrilling life. Also, it was raining and gross outside.

As a special "Leap Day" spirit bonus video, below is the lovely Oprah Weekend Update sketch that was cut from SNL last week (also, wasn't having Maya Rudolph host so much fun? They should do that again!).

Dolphins be Chatting

Apparently, dolphins love to gossip. When they meet a new group, they trade greetings, including vital stats like a/s/l (although I guess l is always "right here in front of you") and friend/foe/frisky.

Cheesy peaches, dolphins are so smart, and yet somehow they haven't managed to destroy their home planet. What's their secret?

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Hipster Voldy

Love this.

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Pepe the Poodle

Pepe the Poodle, in my opinion, is far preferable to Pepe le Pew, don't you think?

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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Texas, Our Texas, Land of Idiot Politicians

Cruel, ignorant Texas, if you only knew*.

*That 91% of Texans (instead of the current 74%) will be covered under the Affordable Care Act in 2014 if you don't stubbornly and wrongheaded-ly refuse to implement it.

Watch Best Animated Short Winner: The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore

Below is "The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore," the Oscar winner for Best Animated Short, created by the hot new animation company, Moonbot. Check it out!

Obviously, his name is a spin on "less is more" which is something I felt the short should have adhered to in the title alone. The story and pacing could have used some serious sharpening. I know it was created to go along with an app that helps kids gain interest in reading (a very worthy goal), but if you're submitting something for an Oscar, it's ok to tighten it and hone it to perfection.

Criticisms aside, the animation itself is lovely. The combination of the three traditional forms of animation: hand-drawn, stop-motion, and computer-generated is lovely and flows perfectly well from one to another, layered on top of each other. It's absolutely beautiful, and for that ingenuity alone deserved its Oscar.

But enough about me, what did you think?

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Dr. Grordbort Presents: The Deadliest Game

The students at the vaguely named Media Design School created this funny short that envisions a universe where Victorian explorers conquer new planets and "preserve" new beasts.


Like most school projects, the story is a little half-baked (very original concept, but not much of a story), but the design and execution are lovely. The character and background animation are top-notch!

[via Neatorama]

Cookie Monster's First Appearance

I just finished watching "Being Elmo" available on Netflix Instant Watch. It's a wonderful documentary about Kevin Clash, the puppeteer and now wildly successful Sesame Street (executive!) producer who created and inhabits Elmo. His journey is astounding. It's one of (very few) completely feel-good documentaries out there. I absolutely loved it. The only bad part was that it made me wish I was a puppeteer! Alas.

Anyway, I'm in a Muppet-y mood, so here is Cookie Monster's first appearance - with teeth, no less - in an unaired commercial for a very nasty-sounding set of snack foods.

Also, congrats to Bret McKenzie and the Muppets for winning the Oscar for Best Song!

[Cookie Monster clip via Neatorama]


I usually don't like these sorts of things, but this is pretty wonderful:

What happens next!? Oh wait, there are more episodes here.

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Monday, February 27, 2012

Dog Vs. Baguette, Spacial Relations

This reminds of a dog in my office who will whine anytime he gets hold of a pita because it's too big for him to eat it at once.

I also kept wanting to shout, "Just turn it!"

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Horse and Dog are Friends: The Re-Friendening

This looks like a prequel to the epic Horse and Dog are Friends video we found last year.

Still love it! I love how horses kick around playfully when they're young and don't quite know how to make their legs work.

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First 'Brave' TV Spot

I'm a little conflicted about Brave's new TV spot. Watch it below:

What did you think? I thought the music was cool, but I felt like the images within the spot didn't exactly mesh well with it. Some of them were playful, and some were exciting, but the song itself was more mournful than anything else.

I have to ask - is the music reflective of the tone of the film (perhaps its second or third act?) and we're still seeing mainly first act footage? Or is it simply attempting to broaden the market to an older audience, even though in reality the film is for a younger crowd?

I hope it's the former. I'm worried it's the latter. 

Come on, Pixar, don't let me down!

Gotcha Media Blog: A Good Thing

My friend (and co-founder of Columbia's greatest - and only - sketch group, Chowdah) Matt Wilstein has an awesome blog called Gotcha Media Blog that was recently featured on the Huffington Post.

Way to go, Matt!

He posts a CRAZY lot of times each day, and always finds the funniest pieces of political humor. In an election year, this is especially good to have.

Need more proof that he's got his finger on the pulse?

Below is a trailer for VEEP, the new HBO political comedy that he's calling "the comedy series version of 'Game Change.'

That's some funny stuff.

Women's Health Experts

In the recent contraception controversy, an important population has been overlooked. Below, courtesy of Funny or Die, they speak out:

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Friday, February 24, 2012

Landscape with Duck

Great hand-drawn cartoon by animator Patrick Neary.


The car animation is my favorite.

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Scriptshadow Review: The Disciple Program

Carson Reeves over at Scriptshadow creams his jeans over an amateur screenplay, "The Disciple Program." If you can get through all the writer-love, there are a lot of fantastic writing tips within the article.

This is another reason why reading great scripts is a lot better than just reading scripts in general. Terrible tips can only teach you what not to do. Excellent scripts can open your mind to new ideas and ways of writing you hadn't even imagined. They push the envelope, and therefore can push your writing boundaries, as well.

(Also, I just got hooked on Scriptshadow. It's a great screenplay review site, so check it out!)

Nothing Good Gets Away

John Steinbeck, great author, great dad, and (probably) incredibly gentle lover.

Letters of Note published this great father to son letter with all kinds of good (and sincere!) advice about love.

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Elephant Bathtime

Forget the baby elephants, watch this for weird trunk-on-trunk elephant snogging at 1:14.

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Before Katniss, There Was Clarissa

Suzanne Collins used to write for "Clarissa Explains It All" - isn't that nuts?

Teen angst (and great female characters) come in all forms of media.

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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Harry Potter: a Tribute to Magic

If you feel like re-living the series in fifteen minutes, this is a good choice. I really like the music choices, and it may not be the cleanest cut, but it's very sweet and heartfelt.

Read the author's description on YouTube. What a fan (in the best of ways).

... And I promise that's all my HP-loving for the day. I wish I could say for the month, but I feel like there's always some fun new HP-related fan creation every day. Or, what if there's some news about Pottermore? Just kidding. There's never going to be news about Pottermore.

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Jean Dujardin: Villian Auditions

I have not yet seen "The Artist." I wanted to before, but I really, really want to now:


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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Monday, February 6, 2012

My Favorite Super Bowl Commercial

My favorite Super Bowl commercial was - by far - the adorable, heartfelt, joyous (if a little endearingly desperate) "Brotherhood of Man" rendition by NBC's shows. From "30 Rock" to "Law & Order: SVU" (which must have recently added a bunch of characters I've never met), the promo allowed each show to put on their jazz hands and have some sing-shouting fun. I've got to say, I love that song, I loved the enthusiasm, I loved the earnest weirdness of it, and that is precisely why I love NBC comedies.


"Awake" Extended Preview

Is anyone else excited about NBC's new show, "Awake"? Here's an extended preview to get you up to speed:

I don't usually like dramas, especially not ones that deal so directly with death, but this one fascinates me. I can't wait to watch the premiere, and I hope that it's as good as I want it to be. The premise is just so fascinating and strange. The one moment I wish it would have given me is a glimpse into what the mother/son think about the father's condition. Do they know? Are they jealous? Do they think he's delusional? Or do they check in via him - essentially communicating with each other via the protagonist? I find that in particle very compelling.

Is anyone else excited about this, or is it just me? Am I simply falling for schmaltz and sap, or do you think it's a story that can gain traction and reach into truths about loss and recovery?

[via /Film which, I should note, titled their article "Lucius Malfoy is Confused" which I appreciate but would rephrase to "Lucius Malfoy Sees Dead People" - too easy!]

Puppy Bowl!

In case you missed it (or don't have cable, like me), you can watch clips from Puppy Bowl VIII at Animal Planet.

Unfortunately, you have to sit through about a bajillion ads to get through the whole thing, but it's totally worth it. Lots of touchdowns this year!

My favorite is Aberdeen's epic touchdown:

With the historic double touchdown as second favorite:

What was your favorite part? I've got to admit, even the kittens in the half time special were pretty darn cute! And, of course, it's always nice knowing that the animals came from shelters across the country and were (presumably?) adopted after Game Day. Hooray!

PS. An entire Puppy Channel? Gawker wants to make it happen. I'd watch it (again, if I had cable)!

New Hunger Games Trailer

Love it.