Friday, October 31, 2014

Married/Work Team Sam Bee and Jason Jones Sell Comedy Pilot to TBS!

Samantha Bee and Jason Jones have to be one of my favorite long-running parts of The Daily Show - they're such a wonderful comedic pair and marriage pair. It's really great to watch! Plus, they are of course also funny on their own. Sam Bee's book, I Know I Am, But What Are You? is a total delight (Bee-light!? No). So I'm so happy that they've sold a comedy pilot to TBS! For right now, it looks like it would star Jason as the father of a family on a pretty epic family road trip (each season would cover a different family vacation). I love the concept, and those two are funny enough to make it live up to its potential. I hope if it gets ordered to series this doesn't mean they'd have to leave TDS, but of course, if it does, they've certainly earned a wonderful goodbye. They're the best (bee-st!?)!

[via Jezebel - Nice find, Maddie!]

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