Friday, July 26, 2013

Hunger Games 'Catching Fire' Trailer!

The trailer for the new Hunger Games flick, Catching Fire:

I think I finally realized the issue I had with this book (the 2nd in the trilogy) is that, in addition to it kind of being a rehashed version of the first book (which you can tell by the end of the trailer), it also is kind of a huge cop-out, risk-wise. I mean, in the first book you have this horrible-but-gripping dystopian world where kids are forced to kill kids in order to appease a super f'd up leadership (overcompensation to the extreme much?). However, in the second book, like they say here in the trailer, killers are killing killers now. It's not nearly as disturbing. Of course, it's sick to throw the Victors back in the ring, like throwing a soldier (especially one with PTSD) back into a war, but in some way the emotional complexity of the games is not as intense as it was in the first book.

Of course, there are also much more interesting things happening outside of the games than in the first book, so perhaps that's why Collin's chose to make these games less keenly felt. Who knows!

Anywho, the trailer looks good, right?

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