Friday, July 26, 2013

Super Spy Susan Cooper: Coming to a Theater Near You Year TBD

Paul Feig's next project will probably be super spy comedy flick Susan Cooper, and it looks like Melissa McCarthy will be in it! No idea if she'll be Susan herself or her partner or maybe some sort of vill-based-ian. Whatever the role, I'm game. Feig & McCarthy did great in Bridesmaids and The Heat so I'll pretty much follow them blindly from now on. Feig wrote the script. He doesn't have a ton of writing credits, aside from Freaks and Geeks (which was a great show, so do you really need more writing credits than that?) but I'm sure he helped out or at least learned a lot from the his last two movies.

Can't wait to see it! Or at least know when it starts production!

[via /Film]

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