Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Hairpin's Interview with Dr. Susan Robinson is really great

As one of the last doctors providing third-term abortions, and one of the subjects of the new documentary After Tiller, Dr. Susan Robinson is a very interesting interview subject.

Two particularly interesting sections:

"Do you often have patients that require emergency care like that?
Well, not often, but things go wrong when you do abortions. They don't usually go seriously wrong, but it’s a complex procedure. Still, if you compare abortion at any gestational age to childbirth, childbirth is significantly more likely to kill the mother than abortion, which is something that no OB-GYN will ever tell you."


"What do you hope people come away with after seeing the film, or reading this?

I really hope that they'll understand that these late abortion decisions are carefully made by these women. They have been thought out, wrestled with, agonized over. They are never casual. And the need for late-term abortions will never go away."

Check out the full interview at the Hairpin.

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