Sunday, November 17, 2013

'Divergent' Trailer

A few days ago, they released the new trailer for Divergent, the latest dystopian YA novel adaptation.

When I heard it was getting a film version, I figured the series was worth reading. I give it major credit for going in super weird places and taking bold choices (unlike the second Hunger Games book, this series doesn't retread its past plots), but that doesn't necessarily mean the choices are successful. More importantly, the whole premise of the novel is super illogical and, though explained in the third book, never quite coalesces for me. That being said, who doesn't love a steamy teen romance, especially with the promise of some sweet shirtless random hot guy scenes? Plus, we all know Shailene Woodley can act, so she'll probably elevate the movie about its original text.

[via /Film]

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