Friday, January 31, 2014

I Will Watch Anything by Rob Thomas, even a Zombie Procedural

I'm no fan of zombies. At least outside of zombie George Washington and zombie Romeo. However, Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas' new project over at CW based on an existing comic book, iZombie, about a zombie woman who maintains her humanity by eating murdered people's brains and subsequently discovering who committed those murders sounds like a zombified Pushing Daisies that I could really get into. Definitely not a sentence I ever saw myself writing, but I'm fine with it!

Also, I'd love to write for that show. I could add crazy amounts of zombie snark and zombie-procedural puns. "I'll see you in Hell... when I go back." "Sounds like he got a case of the munchies. The brain munchies." "Sounds like she really got... in his head. Zombies."

[via HuffPo]

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