Monday, March 31, 2014

Harry Potter London Studio Tour

All hail butterbeer.

Speaking of Harry Potter... I recently had one of the best days of my life (and I'm super lucky that there have been many of these) at the Studio Tour at Leavesden. Not only did I have 1.5 butterbeers (the husband had the other 1.5), but I got to live inside and learn all about my two favorite world: film and Harry Potter. As a film student, I loved seeing the intricacy of all the sets, costumes, props, graphic design, and especially the animatronics. As a Harry Potter nerd, I loved feeling like I was inside the world of witches and wizards - walking through Diagon Alley itself was a particularly engrossing moment. Dumbledore's office and the Gryffindor common room were two other mind-blowing moments. The suggested time to be there was 2.5 hours. We were there for 5.5. hours. That's what you get for making it a self-guided tour and writing so many plaques and making so many behind-the-scenes videos and commentary!
More butterbeer. Couldn't help myself. The foam is butterscotch!

Most of all, though, I loved what a love letter the studios are to the 4,000 crew and cast members. The tour allows you to really appreciate everyone's work and contributions in great detail - something you aren't able to do when the images are flashing by your face for only a few moments, if they were lucky!

Cannot emphasize enough how cool this is in person.

So run, don't walk, to the Harry Potter Studio Tour. Best shameless nerd decision ever.

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