Monday, March 31, 2014

The Veronica Mars Movie Happened And Is Amazing!

Sorry I almost totally breezed past this, but on the 14th, the Veronica Mars movie was released in theaters and for digital download. I watched it in theaters the morning before we left for Greece and I was SO happy with it. As a fan, and knowing this was for fans, it was exactly what we needed. It was the open-ended conclusion (yes, I realize this is an oxymoron) that we didn't get seven years ago. The only thing that I think is funny is that (SPOILER ALERT) as an adult who sympathizes and wants the best for Veronica, the ending is like, "Noooooo!" but as a fan who wants what Veronica wants (not what she "needs"), I was like, "Yes!!!" Not much more to say than that. As a Kickstarter backer, I could not have been more satisfied. I'll miss all the email updates from Rob and his team. This was a really fun ride and I really felt like a part of the team, even though I haven't met any of these people and they have no idea who I am. That's what technology and good storytelling will get you!

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