Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Larry Wilmore to Host "The Minority Report"

In case you hadn't heard, a successor to The Colbert Report has been named, and he's the wonderful Larry Wilmore of The Daily Show. He'll host an entirely new program, The Minority Report, in the Colbert time slot, 11:30pm, starting in 2015.

I'm SO excited about this new show! A little more description, from the NYT:
The idea is to have a panel of those voices led by Mr. Wilmore, commenting on the issues of the day — but in a comedic, scripted format, Ms. Ganeless said. “We are so excited to have a fresh idea for late night.” She emphasized that the panel would not simply address minority issues, but any and all issues, except from minority points of view.

This is exactly what the late night landscape needs! A diverse, scripted panel of comedians, led by the uber-funny Larry Wilmore! He's written for and created so many shows (including The Bernie Mac Show, Fresh Prince, In Living Color, and The Jamie Foxx Show), and was about to show run the new ABC comedy Black-ish until this opportunity came along. Frankly, I can't wait for this show. Trust Larry Wilmore and Jon Stewart to come up with something epic and landscape-changing.

And if you want to see a few of Larry's TDS clips, ThinkProgress has a great round-up.

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