Saturday, August 30, 2014

Pixar's "The Good Dinosaur" Update!

I was bummed when Pixar's The Good Dinosaur got bumped from this summer to next Thanksgiving (definitely one reason this summer has been a bit lacking in the film department - aside from Obvious Child and Guardians of course!), because it meant the film's problems must have been pretty severe. It looks like we were right, but, fortunately, that all has been resolved.

Collider released a video and article from an interview with John Lithgow explaining that he's going to re-record his entire role (Poppa) for the film. He says, "Don’t worry.  It’s coming and it’s gonna be better than I ever imagined.” That's good! Lithgow's got good taste, so I trust him on this one.

I also much prefer Pixar delaying and reinventing a movie rather than release something subpar. I hope that when The Good Dinosaur is released in November 25, 2015, it proves that this reboot was necessary and that the film is just as wonderful and magical as we expect from the Pixar pedigree.

You can read more and watch the video of Lithgow's interview over at Collider.

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