Friday, June 28, 2013

Go See "The Heat"!!

The Heat is definitely the funniest movie of the summer (I'd say "so far" but what else is coming out?). This review over at NPR sums up my feelings about the movie quite nicely.

Basically, the joke are great. I was laughing out loud a lot. My husband cracked up, too. The plot is forgettable (aren't they always in buddy cop movies?), but one of the things I love the most is the surprising depth of both Mullens and Ashburn (which I initially misheard as "Asperberger's" and I thought, "A little too on the nose, but I get it?"). We really get a read on these women, and that's awesome. I also appreciate the physical humor. There's a chase scene in the beginning that is particularly delightful (fruit is involved), as well as a really weird scene in the end (referenced by the NPR review) that is a ton of fun, too.

The movie is a definite win for comedy (which is the most important thing), but also for feminism, and for choosing two male leads (Ashburn's boss and fellow FBI agent in Boston) of color (though I could have done without the Albino jokes - no thanks!). A well-rounded cast!

So what are you doing reading this blog for? Go see The Heat!

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