Saturday, August 31, 2013

Does This Explain Why I'm a Failure, but my Relationship is Great?

A study out of UVA suggests that straight men feel worse when their partners succeed, even when they're not in direct competition with them. I guess it's true that I feel much better knowing the person writing this article didn't succeed in giving the study the enormous grain of salt it deserves. It was done on 32 college-aged couples. First of all, 32 is way to small of a sample size to make such a wide-ranging conclusion. Second of all, college-aged guys are idiots. They probably would feel bad if they themselves scored in the top 12% of a test because then they might be a nerd. I know the article tries to back it up with the two studies it cites in the bottom, but a) the Netherlands? Really? and b) Does anyone seriously trust an online study? Come on.

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