Saturday, August 31, 2013

'Side by Side' on PBS: Digital vs Film

Alyssa Rosenberg over at ThinkProgress has a nice write-up on a PBS documentary I'm going to check out called Side by Side. It compares the merits of film vs digital photography, the strengths and weaknesses of each. Very interesting!

I've always shot on digital because I didn't go to a proper film school, and all we had were little handy cams available. It certainly made learning how to shoot and edit much easier and simpler than had I worked with film, but of course the product wasn't as great (though, to be honest, are any film school products that great?). As a viewer, though, there's such a beauty in 35mm that (at least as of yet) cannot be achieved with digital, and similarly, there is an ease and flexibility with digital that cannot be achieved in film.

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