Saturday, April 26, 2014

OMG, Parks and Rec! The Best!

Have you all seen the Parks and Recreation season finale? If not, go watch it and then come back and read this!

If so, wasn't it a delight? All the cool kids are talking about how great it was - at Vulture, WaPo, IGN, TIME, probably more! I've never really cared about cameos, but the million and twelve in this episode were all handled with as many jokes as possible, therefore making them all worthwhile. Obviously, Michelle Obama's was stellar - mostly in Leslie's amazing reaction to meeting one of her idols - and how similar it was to meeting her other idols at her national parks department lunch.

The last three minutes were insane. I literally had no idea what was going on, and I definitely need to watch it a few more to make sure I get all the jokes - I was blindsided by the bangs! - but what a great move! We get to see Leslie on top of her game, being amazing, with her adorable triplets, without having to waste time with a whole pregnancy/babies plotline. How great is that? Of course, one day she will have to move out of Pawnee, but, similar to her Councilwoman story, the move to the third floor allows her to stay in Pawnee for now while making a major advancement in her career and establishing her family. Who knows what Ben is doing ("Cones of Dunshire" movie adaptation premiere?!), but I'm totally onboard. 

We all want the best for Leslie and the Parks and Rec crew, and I feel like they've done a great job recognizing that they needed to start showing us what that future would look like before we have to say goodbye to Pawnee for good. 

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