Monday, July 28, 2014

Comic Con: New "Game of Thrones" Cast Members!

Looks like we're going to spend some time in Dorne next season on Game of Thrones. Most of the new cast members are from the fictional southern land. Winter may be coming, but down there it still looks pretty hot (though sadly missing its hottest star, Oberyn).

I'm interested to see what they do here. QUASI-VAGUE SPOILERS AHEAD: Trystane is barely mentioned and never really seen in the books, and Myrcella's part in everything is brief, as well, so I'm curious how and why they decided to beef up that storyline. Like others, I'm bummed that Arianne hasn't been cast, suggesting they've cut her storyline entirely. Since her storyline was the majority of the Dorne plot, I'm not really sure what they're going to do down there at all now. On the bright side, no new Greyjoys. Theon and Yara (Asha) are plenty for me.

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