Sunday, December 29, 2013

August: Clouds and Sun, or: When I Start Trying to Paint Stuff that Looks Like Other Stuff

Clearly, by this point I've masted the without-a-dotting-tool polka dots (CONTINUE TO NOT PANIC. I PROMISE I WILL EXPLAIN WHAT A DOTTING TOOL IS IN A LATER POST. YOU CAN READ THAT POST NOW IF YOU WANT TO AND THEN COME BACK TO THIS ONE), so I decide to try my hand (get it!?) at something more literal: clouds and a sun. Surprisingly, the clouds turned out pretty much the way I had wanted them to: mini-replicas of the clouds from The Simpsons or Andy's bedroom in Toy Story. The sun also doesn't suck - check out the way I used the flat end of the yellow brush to make the lines that for some reason we always draw on suns even though that's not the way a real sun looks. Yeah, I got a little too close together on some of them, but it's not like I had a mini-nail-brush to use (WHAT? YEAH I JUST THREW THAT OUT THERE! WAIT UNTIL YOU SEE WHAT IT CAN DO!) or something. I'd say Matt Groening would be proud, but I strongly doubt it. A) the clouds on The Simpsons are probably the least interesting thing to him, and B) he probably has never once in his life thought about nail art (a phrase I'm positive he would disagree with).

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