Sunday, December 1, 2013

How 'Friends' Made the Greatest Romantic Pairing Ever...

... Or at least until that point in TV history. Also, spoiler alert: it's Monica and Chandler! Duh! If you thought it was Ross and Rachel, you can officially stop reading this blog because you do not know me at all (although bravo for reading 1700+ posts before finding that out!). Continuing Vulture's 1998 series, Friends writer Scott Silveri discusses how he and his (now wife) Shana Goldberg-Meehan wrote the incredible London episode wherein we discover the two totally did it, as well as how the writers approached the relationship as the complete opposite of Ross and Rachel's amped-up-all-the-time drama.

My favorite quote (re: wanting the hook-up to be a surprise):

"The only real debate was around just how we'd get Monica and Chandler there that morning, how many crumbs to drop to lead the audience and the characters to the moment, all in hopes that the fact that they ended up in bed that morning wouldn't feel unmotivated and false.” In earlier scenes at the rehearsal dinner, Chandler had tried to talk a drunk Monica out of her funk over having no boyfriend, and a drunk party guest mistaking her for Ross’ mother. "Who wouldn't want you?" he asked. Says Silveri, “[We were] basically shooting for the spot between, 'This stinks, that never would have happened!'; and, 'This stinks, I saw that coming.' More of a delighted, 'That is surprising but also very satisfying and organic. It might not stink!'"

It might not stink LIKE A FOX!

Anyway, you should read the whole thing because it's great. Then go ahead and re-watch all of the major Monica and Chandler episodes. I know you have the DVDs. Or at least got one of them off of Netflix once and then "lost" it. Enjoy!

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