Sunday, December 8, 2013

Frozen's "Let It Go"

This might be my favorite sequence from the new Disney movie Frozen:

While I agree with the critiques that this movie's musical numbers are a little too pop-anthem-focused at times (someone said they felt pre-packaged to be covered by your Carrie Underwoods and such), I absolutely love this sequence.

Her whole life, Elsa's been told her conceal her talent, and finally she gets a chance to explore and revel in her powers. The animation is spectacular, and it feels revolutionary to have a Disney Queen (not a princess) both have powers and not be evil for having them (even if others make her feel guilty and evil for them). It reminds me how much this film critiques previous Disney classics' ideas of romantic love (at first sight!) and women in power (jealously trying to destroy the younger, more beautiful/innocent girl). It's basically the Disney-fied version of "Defying Gravity" complete with booming, Broadway powerhouse Idina Menzel vocals. And she brings it in a big way.

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