Sunday, December 29, 2013

July: Summer Polka Dot Nails

When we returned from our honeymoon, I thought it'd be fun to combine the trip's toenail colors with the fingernails' polka dots. This is how it turned out. Altogether, fairly successful. This was also one of my first forays into "not every nail has to be the same" which is a pretty life-altering revelation to have in the world of nail art. One in which every nail artist (strong word choice there) must go through at some point in time. From then on, the question becomes, "When to do all the nails the same and when to do all (or some - WE'LL GET TO THAT LATER, TOO, DON'T PANIC!) different?" Note, I still don't have a dotting tool (Still getting to it - STOP WORRYING!) at this point, so the fact that they don't all look like monstrous blobs is astounding. Check out the pointer finger's yellow dots - magnificent.

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