Sunday, December 29, 2013

December: Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown (and Snoopy) Nails, or: My Favorites

Right hand

Left hand
So far, I'm hitting it out of the park, holiday nails-wise, but the question was, "What next?" By this time, all the holiday movies (and, inexplicably, Harry Potter, which I'm not arguing with I just thought it was a random but appreciated choice) have been playing on a loop for a few weeks now, so I thought back through them and figured, "You know what? I could probably do Snoopy and that sad Christmas tree Charlie brown makes before his friends - and I use the term friends pretty loosely because they're super mean to him a lot - fix it up using magic fast-hands." So I did! Dotting tool for the snow, shaping Snoopy's head and body, and ornament for the tree. Regular nail brush for the French tips-style snow. Tiny nail brush for Snoopy's features, legs, tail, hat, Christmas tree and leaves, and the little white dot on the ornament and Snoopy's nose to make them look shiny.

Now here's where you're totally justified in asking me how long it took: two-thirds of a football game, which is, more precisely, a little over two hours. By far my most ambitious nails, and I'm super proud of them. They look really, super great! They give off a feeling of Christmas tinged with sadness and hope and cold and warmth and nostalgia. It's really a whole scene.

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