Sunday, December 29, 2013

November: Falling Leaves for Fall Nails, or: I Got a Nail Brush And Never Looked Back

A tiny nail brush is a tiny paint brush that you use on your nails. Is your mind blown? My was when I went to the Sephora and saw this $10 nail kit in the checkout lane that included a tiny nail brush and a dotting tool (I'LL GET TO THE DOTTING TOOL IN THE NEXT POST!). I thought, "$10 is not a lot to spend on my super weird habit of more and more intricately designed nails." I also thought, "I hope this is the most I spend on my weird habit and not the beginning of an increasingly-expensive habit that eventually leads to my downfall by either being swallowed by a giant pile of infinite nail colors or simple destitution and homelessness by spending my last $8 on JUST ONE MORE non-toxic nail color." It could happen.

So these leaves, am I right? I did my image search research this time, a general, "Fall nails" search, thinking there would be plenty of leaf-based options, and there were! When I was doing my many tape-based nails, I realized that maintaining consistency over all the fingernails is important to making them look clean and nice, which is why all the leaves are in the same place on each nail. I don't think doing it that way always necessarily makes nails look better, but I think for a first-timer like me, it was very helpful. Not bad, right? Leaf-like and everything! The best part? Using the brush, this only took me about half an hour instead of the usual hour or more! Boom. Fall fail no more.

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