Sunday, December 29, 2013

December: Sandy Christmas Nails, or: I'm on Vacation and Got Lazy

For the first time, my family spent Christmas away from Dallas and in a tropical paradise (St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands). I wanted to celebrate the occasion with some killer beach+Christmas nails, but I ran into a couple of problems:

1) We left for St. John the day after our last day of work, so I spent the whole day packing and getting our last hang outs with friends before the break, leaving me no time to do my nails when I was in NYC.

2) Once in St. John, I was having too much fun to leave adequate time to paint my nails!

3) Because we had to pack for St. John, I obviously couldn't bring all of my fun nail colors, so I just brought the ones I thought might work, but aren't necessarily my favorites.

That left me frantically doing them on Christmas morning before breakfast, realizing far too late that that was not enough time to do them well, and also that I simply did not have the right colors. So what you see is my attempt to do a beachscape with a palm tree decorated with ornaments and a delightfully out-of-place snowman. The sand and sky colors work just fine, but the water color is way too dark (I should really get a nice cobalt blue), and the palm tree leaves color is too light (my green is almost the same color as my blue - I need more of a kelly green).

Altogether, not my best work. However, the awesome view of the beach behind my nails is pretty spectacular, which more or less makes up for it, right?

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