Sunday, December 29, 2013

November: Gold and White Designs for a Wedding, or: Dotting Tool Time!

My cousin got married in at a fancy place called the Nasher Sculpture Center in Dallas, so I decided to paint some equally classy gold and white nails to honor the occasion. I took my inspiration from this design, and I think I did it proud - especially considering she used a Sharpie and I used actual polish. To do those nice, thin stripes and that weird V with stripes pattern on the thumb, I utilized my fancy new brush. Also, I used my new dotting tool (I GOT TO IT!) to make the perfectly round white and gold dots on my forefinger and ring finger. The dotting tool is essentially a metal stick with a round ballpoint pen-style metal ball at the end of it. You dip it in a little pool of polish and then lightly touch it to your nail - near-instant dots!

The other things I forgot to mention around the nail brush are that to use it best, you get yourself a tiny sheet of aluminum foil to be a makeshift painter's palette, dollop drops of each paint color (as needed) onto the foil to dip your brush into, and then a cap's worth of nail polish remover to clean the brush in between uses and colors. It makes the nail painting feel a lot more like painting, which I think is fun and also a little sad since it still isn't real painting, but I'm nowhere near getting back into that right now, so I'll stick to the less-artistic-but-also-less-time-intensive nail painting for now.

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