Thursday, December 19, 2013

ThinkProgress' Year in Culture: TV

Alyssa Rosenberg has been doing a year-end wrap up of all things pop culture, but I especially enjoyed her year in TV wrap-up, which is more a revisiting of her most significant posts from throughout the year. It reminded me what a great year for TV, and especially for women and women of color in TV, it has been, even when at times it still seems like white men are getting all the attention (coughBreakingBadcough). Also, I almost forgot that Ben and Leslie's wedding happened this year on Parks and Rec and it was the absolute best! The only thing she forgot to mention (and she forgot about it at the time, as well), is how great of a show Go On was, and how it definitely deserved at least one more season. It was, indeed, Goon too soon.

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